What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – April 16, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan host tonight’s broadcast.

Jake Roberts’ squash from Wrestling Challenge airs.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment recaps WWF President Jack Tunney’s announcement of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament to fill the vacancy created by the Ultimate Warrior winning the WWF Championship at WrestleMania VI.

Mr. Perfect (10-1) pins Jim McPherson with the Perfectplex at 2:19:

A Larry Sharpe trainee, McPherson had a decent run in Memphis the year prior, winning some televised matches when teaming with Bill Dundee and Brian Lee.

McPherson gets to work in a spot where he attempts a somersault avalanche in the corner, but Perfect moves and finishes the match with the Perfectplex right after.

Monsoon tells Heenan that Perfect could be a good asset for the Heenan Family.  Heenan says Perfect prefers to be an individualist but that ignores how Perfect has had the Genius at his side for months.  Monsoon and Heenan then discuss the Intercontinental Championship Tournament, where Heenan confirms that no members of his stable will be competing in it.

Brutus Beefcake (8-0-1) beats Chris Duffy via submission to a sleeper hold at 2:09:

In the split screen, the Genius vows revenge for the haircut Beefcake gave him at WrestleMania. Duffy tries to climb the top rope for some reason, so Beefcake tosses him off and puts him to sleep.  He gives the jobber a customary haircut after the bell.

A replay of Okerlund’s interview with Earthquake and Jimmy Hart on Wrestling Challenge is shown.  After the commercial break, Monsoon warns Heenan not to pester him to get tickets for WrestleMania VII.

Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) (10-1) beats Sonny Blaze via submission to the Million Dollar Dream at 2:28:

DiBiase does an insert promo that tells the Big Bossman that he is stupid not to accept his money.  He adds that he is not above dirtying his hands to get revenge.  Blaze gets no offensive moves in as DiBiase plants him with a suplex, throws him to the floor, and locks in the Million Dollar Dream when he returns.  Afterward, he shows a $100 bill into the jobber’s mouth.

Now is it time for promos with Sean Mooney.  The Orient Express and Mr. Fuji put over their training regime and how they will show the Rockers who the number one team in the WWF is.

A replay of WWF Champion the Ultimate Warrior running out for the fans on Superstars is shown.  Heenan tells the Warrior that he had better enjoy his reign as champion because Rick Rude will soon end it.

A recycled match from Prime Time Wrestling on December 4 airs where Paul Roma pins Boris Zhukov with a powerslam at Maple Leaf Gardens.

A replay of Rick Rude’s training vignette from Wrestling Challenge airs.

Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri’s attack on Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire on Superstars is shown.  Heenan says that the attack is horrible because Savage and Sherri should have put Rhodes and Sapphire in the hospital.

Jimmy Snuka (2-1) pins the Brooklyn Brawler after a flying headbutt off the second rope at 2:14:

As the Brawler stalls, Snuka promises to win the Intercontinental Championship in the split screen.  Snuka slams the Brawler and prefers to use a flying headbutt rather than the Superfly Splash for a win on tonight’s program.

Heenan makes fun of Snuka’s chant and promises if fans send him $1,200, he will tell them how to tie Snuka up like a dog in their backyard.

Mooney cues up more promos.  Ted DiBiase and Virgil remind viewers that everyone has a price for him, including the Big Bossman.  Brutus Beefcake says he does not need a manager, all he needs are his blades to help him out when he needs it.

The Big Bossman (9-1) defeats Pez Whatley with the Bossman Slam at 2:44:

As the Bossman shoves Whatley around he tells Ted DiBiase in the split screen that he is about to find out how mean he can get.  The Bossman works some random rest holds before finally finishing a dull squash with the Bossman Slam.  After the bout, the Bossman cuffs Whatley to the ropes and hits him with his night stick and chokes him with it.

Rhythm & Blues appearance on the Brother Love Show on Superstars is replayed.

Heenan says that he would prefer to buy a lot of Arrogance because Tito Santana smells like enchiladas.

Rick Martel (7-1) beats Tito Santana (7-3) after spraying Santana in the eyes with Arrogance at 9:45 shown:

The never-ending feud between Strike Force members continues in a bout from the Wrestling Challenge tapings in Glen Falls, New York.  This is the usual, good bout between these two as Santana works over Martel’s left knee after Martel rams it into the corner after a blind charge.  Martel’s selling of that fades after he blocks a figure-four with a choke.  Some hot near-falls follow Martel’s missed reverse flying body press over the second rope and when Santana traps Martel in a small package.  Santana blasts Martel with the flying forearm, but Martel falls out of the ring and grabs Arrogance, spraying Santana when he gets on the apron and covering him for the victory.  Martel’s win streak goes to five, while Santana loses matches just as soon as he wins them.  Rating:  ***

Monsoon says he talked to President Jack Tunney, who told him that the Intercontinental Championship Tournament will take at least fifteen matches.  That means that the tournament would feature sixteen men.

Tune in next week to see Marty Jannetty against Tanaka!

The Last Word:  The feature match was a big upgrade over last week’s bad show.  The WWF is slow rolling the Intercontinental Championship Tournament, but a longer tournament would help fill some television time in the four months before SummerSlam.

Up Next:  WWF Superstars for April 21!