Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 23rd July 2021

S’up Bros and Brosettes!

We have finally reached Friday after a long warm week. Of course the rain is due to fall again here in England at the weekend, after it’s been sunny all week and I’ve been stuck inside working. We call that “Sods Law” over here in the UK. Yes, misery and disappointment are such an entrenched part of our lives that we have gone to the trouble of creating specific terms just to describe it.

Scheduled on the Blog today: Thomas Hall has a review of NXT UK up, whilst Scott Keith has a review of Wrestling Challenge from 1987 scheduled for later. And Logan Scisco has got a review of Prime Time Wrestling from 1990 that should be dropping later today.

Now for some news courtesy of Cultaholic

AEW bought out Thunder Rosa’s NWA contract

They must have really wanted her, which probably bodes well for her push going forward. Hey, she’s good so I’m all for it!

WWE planning a Queen of the Ring tournament

Honestly, I think Carmella would be a good pick to win it actually. I can see her in the royal garb referring to herself as “Queen Carmella” and doing skits

The Rock’s return date to WWE has apparently been arranged

Maybe he’s sweet talked his insurance companies into letting him work a match at Mania 2022?

Booker T thinks The Undertaker will return to WWE for one more match

I hope Booker is wrong about this. Undertaker doesn’t need to have any more matches. By all means bring him front of a crowd for a goodbye pop from the crowd, but keep him out of the ring

Karrion Kross kills Commissioner Regal

I’ve said this in other threads, but what I’d do with Kross and Jeff Hardy now is have them both go undefeated up to SummerSlam and then do a rematch where Kross has the full entrance with Scarlett and just annihilates him. Use it as a way to write Jeff out if he wants to go to AEW and have fun with Matt, giving Kross the “I retired Jeff Hardy” scalp. Couldn’t hurt could it?

Have a smashing day one and all!