8 Questions regarding Karrion Kross & NXT

You probably don't know the answers, and some of these are rhetorical, but maybe someone can provide insight or demand answers from WWE:

Did no one at RAW say, “This guy is NXT's undefeated champ & has beaten Finn Balor & the entire roster. He needs to be protected”?

Why did no one say that? 

Does anyone working on RAW pay any attention to NXT?

Did HHH say that ahead of time to Vince?

If someone said that, did Vince ignore them or job Kross out to spite them?

Did no one know NXT on USA promos hyping Kross would air during RAW?

Shouldn't USA Network be pissed?

How much does Samoa Joe regret re-signing & being thrust into this shit show?

I'll fire of a text message to Nick Khan and let you know when I get the answers.