Is NXT worth all the money being spent?

Hi Scott,

Piggybacking the Vince hates NXT email, I wonder how much of the hate is due to how much red ink NXT creates?  I’m sure it’s pretty bad even with the USA deal considering how many people they have signed that don’t even appear on tv. 

Then you have AEW using Dark as their developmental system with much lower cost and commitment.  A development system where talent actually gets to work with established talent on the main roster and in front of crowds.  Which you would think identifies promising talent reasonably well. 

Do you think as part of the current cost cutting, does WWE adopt how AEW handles development?  Or is it one of those things where NXT is reasonably safe because it is HHH’s baby?

As I understand it, NXT is very cheap to produce and the talent makes peanuts, so the money that USA pays for it is more than enough to cover them.