Did losing the Wed. Night Wars make Vince hate NXT?

Hey Scott — I don't mean to sound histrionic or anything, but the assumption going around now that Vince clearly doesn't care for NXT is kinda hard to argue when you look at all the evidence. Do you think at least part of the reason why was because they “lost” the Wednesday Night War? It feels to me like that would be something that would stick in Vince's craw.

He went from not really caring about it all that much to suddenly shoving it onto network TV (and having some of his fingerprints start showing up all over it) as soon as Dynamite was announced, and then after losing most of the ratings “battles” it suddenly gets pulled to a different night. A competition addict like Vince HAS to see that as a loss. Now Vince has no faith in NXT to make real starts and in his mind has to build them all over again from the ground up when he gets them. Thoughts?


I think it’s a solid theory.