Dark Side of the Ring Fan Made Episode

Hi Scott,

My name is Justin Thorne and I am a LONG time reader of yours (How did I get this old?) that started at SummerSlam 2002. I don't follow current wrestling, but I definitely check the blog for  RAW Rants/Observer Recaps as I've been grinding through 1993-1997. That probably sounds masochistic, but it's to satisfy the inner wrestling historian in me, as I'm sure you understand. I also drop in to read rants of modern PPVs that are happening to see what's going on in the product and see if I want to get back in. (Spoiler: I haven't.)

In 2017, I asked if you'd share an episode of my web-series, The Following Announcement, which you DID, which was really incredible and I was super thankful for. You've definitely been an inspiration to look critically on television throughout the years and influenced me to try to create my own. I've decided to ask for another opportunity for a share, or even just your view/review, as my show, still at it 4 years later, just made an episode based on the Dark Side of the Ring format. I think it's among the best work we've done and if it doesn't hook you in 60 seconds, well, something something, two words for you, yadda.

Thanks, I'll be around no matter what. I post as Justin Michaels sometimes but I'm much more lurker than worker.


Justin Thorne

PS Definitely watched DS9 a few years back with your reviews as a companion piece, killer stuff. 

No worries, best of luck!