Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 22nd July 2021

Holy Fudge Balls, it’s still warm as heck here in Merry Ol’ Blighty!

Dynamite was a fun show last night, with a hot crowd helping make up for some of the weaker in-ring matches and the show in general just breezing by. It’s just darn nice to have a wrestling show to watch every week that reminds me of why I actually like wrestling to begin with.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall have got AEW Dynamite reviews up for your reading pleasure. Part One of my most recent ROH review from 2003, featuring Christopher Daniels, Paul London and The Amazing Red in a Round Robin series, is in the archives if you’re feeling generous and want to check it out. Also still time to read Logan Scisco’s retrospective on the 1990 Wrestling Summit, along with Jabroniville’s Dream Matches. And Thomas Hall is continuing his look back on 2007 with a review of Raw from the 19th of February.

Now some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Velveteen Dream’s first booking since leaving WWE gets cancelled

Something tells me this is probably going to happen a lot with him

Six Person Tag set for Impact Wrestling

I’m sure everyone is professional about it and such, but it’s got to be awkward teaming with your fiancé to take on your ex right? Wrestling is the primary business for taking real life stuff and then building storylines around it though I guess

Five matches are set for AEW Dynamite next week

I’d like to second the shouts of those who say they really appreciate that AEW gives you plenty of notice on what the card for the next week is going to be. It gives you ample time to get excited for it. The whole “we’re booking the show as it’s going on” stuff that was popularised in the Attitude Era feels kind of old hat to me these days. You don’t see it in UFC or Boxing do you? How often does Dana White break up a fight between two Middleweights at the start of a pay per view and then book a match for later that night?

New Botchamania is up, so go watch it or Maffew will two footer you whilst yelling “Mon The Toon”…probably…

Take care of yourselves, and each other