AEW Talent Raid

Hey Scott- 

Are you shocked by the fact that more hasn't been done by the WWE to poach talent from AEW? I know everybody on the main roster are all on relatively new contracts, but I'm surprised Ben Carter is basically the only new guy with potential that they've swiped up. Kilynn King for one would be a perfect get to slow down AEW building their women's roster. 

Also, who are the WWE going to go after when their contracts are coming to a close? MJF obviously, probably Wardlow. I feel like the “war” between the two companies will really come to a head when the WWE are bringing in AEW guys. 

Who are they gonna go after, Jazz Hands Omega?  Like any of those geeks ever drew 1.13 million viewers and a 0.44 in the demo, AMIRITE?
(checks notes)
I stand corrected. 
Anyway, yeah, I think Wardlow ends up there, and I know MJF really wants to end up there as well and I think they'll both do well.