Blog of DOOM Daily News Thread – 21st July 2021

Good day to you all!

I decided to go back and play Dynasty Warriors 4 last night after the movie put me in the mood for some Hack ‘N’ Slash excitement, and I actually spent most of it getting clobbered because I had it on a higher difficulty level than usual without realising and it had been a while since I played it so I was pretty rusty. I still had fun with it though. Xiahou Dun and his Kirin Blade don’t take no prisoners yo!

Scheduled on the Blog today: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall both have reviews of the most recent episode of NXT uploaded. Andy PG has an AEW Dark review that requires your attention. Later today I will be posting Part One of my ROH Round Robin Challenge 2 review. Jabroniville has got some more Dream Matches on the docket and Logan Scisco talks about The Wrestling Summit from 1990

Now some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Kalisto heard a rumour that the lWo might be revived

Because it worked so well the first time?

Thunder Rosa’s Impact Wrestling status

Interesting that she’s under contract to the NWA but still working all these other places as well

In the “WWE does a WCW” story of the day, some new merch for Braun Strowman has been released, even though he doesn’t work there anymore

Do the royalty payments go to Hulk Hogan and Sting for good measure?

NXT feels that Vince McMahon sent them a message with the way Karrion Kross was booked on Raw

Honestly guys at this stage I’d just collect the pay cheque and accept that it is what it is. I’ve said before that I’m hardly the biggest Kross fan in the world, but it’s not like I’m here wanting WWE’s booking to be nonsensical rubbish you know? If WWE is a good show every week then that’s a good thing for the business overall, so if you’re going to book Kross then at least book him properly. If anything it just made me all the more annoyed about his NXT mega push that they immediately undid it all on the flagship show.

Abroad in Japan is a channel I watch quite a lot over on the YouTube machine. Here’s a wacky music video they made

Have a glorious day!