The Slammin’ Tuesday Night Thread (7/20/21)

Tonight, watch the show whose champion lost on Raw last night in two minutes.

If they don’t care about the show, why should we? Sorry, I’m extra cynical about last night. Not even Nikki cashing in can cheer me up. Sigh.

AEW Dark has various people in various matches, all of which take place in something SQUARE, but called a RING. huh.

In the news…. two billionaires battle to go to space like we’re living in a Ducktales episode. Meanwhile starving children in Africa, who could use that money, also don’t know what DuckTales is.

Ok, Paul, calm down…. let’s check some wrestling news.

Mick Foley speaks out against chairshots?! What even is this world?!

I’m gonna go lay down. Get to it.