The Raw After An Actually Good PPV…

John Cena opens the show! (to challenge a guy who isn't there)
The NXT Champion makes a surprise appearance! (to lose to Jeff Hardy and get buried by the announcers)
Keith Lee is back! (to job to Lashley for no good reason)
Goldberg returns! (to stumble through another completely undeserved championship match)
Nikki cashes in! (to inflate Charlotte's ridiculous number of title reigns)

So how long until they screw all that momentum up? One night? Never change, Vince.

Remember when Raw was the A show?

You know, it’s even more sad and disappointing because I had ordered pizza and decided to sit down and watch the show for the first time in forever because the PPV was so great, and I got to Keith Lee and Karrion Kross and I was done.  Bet I’m not alone.