Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 20th July 2021

Blimey it’s another scorcher here in the UK today. Getting health warnings and everything. I’ll be spending most of it stuck inside working, but I’ll try and nip out in the evening for a lovely stroll.

Raw was last night and quite a lot seemed to happen, so they are clearly trying to load up the shows now that they’ve got fans back. I might give Smackdown a look on Friday night, but 3 hours is just too much Raw for me thank you. I might YouTube a segment or two, but that’ll do for me.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Andy PG tips his hat with an utterly splendid review of AEW Elevation. Thomas Hall has a review up of the mad house that was Raw last night, and there’s still time to read yesterday’s AWA review from Rock Star Gary, along with Jabronivilles Joshi Spotlight and Logan Scisco’s WWF 1990 review. There are more great wrestling reviews on this here Blog than you can shake a stick at. And speaking of the AWA, Scott Keith has a review waiting in the wings as well which you can see posted up in a couple of hours. Stuff the Ferrero Rocher ambassador; this is how you REALLY spoil someone!

EDIT – Rock Star Gary has also done a World Class review that I totally missed when I was typing up the schedule. Apologies for that RSG. Check that out if you want some Von Erich goodness in your life

And now some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Raw was last night and shizzle hit the fizzle

I won’t spoil anything about it if you’re waiting to watch it later, but click da link at your own peril

Frankie Kazarian backstage at Impact tapings

The forbidden door has been knocked off its hinges and set ablaze by this stage

Nattie Neidhart wants to wrestle Beth Phoenix

I’m sure it would be decent but if Beth doesn’t have many matches left then I’d rather she use them to put over the younger up and coming talent as opposed to just wrestling her mate in a match that isn’t really going to help anyone

Today’s video is just randomly one that I came across about Orca’s, just because it’s nice to have some variety sometimes

Yeah, you thought Free Willy was all cute didn’t you? Well he would have torn young Shawn Michaels to bits and LIKED it!

Just kidding

Have a good day all and stay safe in the heat