Money in the TV Ratings

Money in the Bank was great and it was a breath of fresh air to see a WWE PPV end with clear cut main event matches established for the next PPV.

But isn’t the real money in TV ratings now and not the $5 it’s going to cost to watch Reigns vs. Cena and Rollins vs. Edge?  While I’m definitely there for SummerSlam, there’s an almost zero percent chance I bother tuning in to Raw or Smackdown between now and then.

Obviously, SummerSlam is an exception because it’s a stadium show and they need big matches to sell tickets, but moving forward, wouldn’t it make more sense for WWE to actually do bigger matches on TV instead of PPV – especially once Monday Night Football returns to dig Raw’s ratings hole even deeper?

Agreed.  Another reason why it would make sense for NBC Universal to just cut a $4 billion cheque and buy the company outright.