Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 18th July 2021

Happy Money in the Bank Day!

I’m probably not going to stay up to watch the show as I’ve got work first thing tomorrow, but I might have it on in the background at some stage if it gets some good reviews. I haven’t had chance to watch the Impact Slammiversary show, but feel free to share thoughts in the comments if you did.

It’s sweltering today here in the UK, and it was the same yesterday. Make sure you slap on the sun cream if you’re UK based and heading out for the day.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas Hall has got some shows from his journey back to 2007 up at the moment, including No Way Out 2007. Scott Keith has actually got some ECW pending for later, which has got me #EXCITE. Please all of you go and read it so that he has an impetus to keep doing them! Maffew’s most recent UWF Fury Hour review is still out there and is worth your time as always.

Now for some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Seemingly half the universe returned or debuted at Impact Wrestling’s pay per view

So yeah, sounds like Impact are going to have a proper go at this thing doesn’t it? I’m certainly intrigued to check the weekly show out now just to see where they’re going with all of this, especially if they have fans back going forward.

Bianca Belair and Carmella shall re-match next week

It wasn’t like the previous match was bad or anything, but I’m not really sure what Carmella did to earn another match in that first one, especially as they cut her entire heat segment in the commercial. At least back in the day they’d have Carmella win via DQ or Count Out so that she could justify demanding another shot at the Champ.

Harry Smith signs with WWE

Maybe he’ll be back up for Cesaro in his feud with Otis and Gable?

Daddy Caddy reviews a horrible wrestling game

Have a lovely Sunday all!