The Straight Fire Saturday Night Thread (7/17/21)

Guess who’s coming around again? Hint: she married an Architect.

TONIGHT, it’s Impact TNA Global Force Panda Energy Slammiversary! Featuring AEW!

Well, one guy from AEW.

SUNDAY, it’s Dinero En El Banko! Who will job to Goldberg at the Summerfest?!

SmackDown’s rating was way up. No joke.

Big weekend for wrestling fans everywhere! WWE Universe rejoice; no more creepy ass Thunderdome, unless too many people boo Roman and the noise machine breaks. There is a downside, though; Lesnar and Cena are on their way back, and if they can still go, ok, prove it. But, Goldberg in 2021? I was a big fan of his in the ’90s, but dude is over 50, sloppy and dangerous. Build new stars, we’ve been telling WWE for decades, but they don’t care. I just don’t get this reliance on part timers, but I can’t change it either, so meh. AEW’S BETTER ANYWAY! Fight me!

On that note, to all the trolls: Scott Keith’s gonna Scott Keith. He has been a published author since before some of you were born, and his style remains the same (mostly). It’s his blog, so if you don’t like it, move along. People come here to chat and hang out, not be insulted or bullied. Be a star, shitheads.

Now get to it!