Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 17th July 2021

I had to take a break from the record covers today because just look at how magnificent this is!

I decided to stay up last night to watch Smackdown, and it was a breezy enough watch. I was happy to see people like Bianca and Big E so over with the crowd, and the pop for Edge was bone shaking stuff. I don’t think he’s got a hope in heck of actually winning the Title like, but based off last night the match should hopefully have some good heat from the crowd.

Scheduled on the Blog today: Thomas Hall has a review of last night’s Smackdown already up, so go and check that out. Scott Keith has got some Mid South Wrestling from 1985 pending for later, whilst Maffew has got some more UWF Fury Hour waiting in the wings. I’ve also got a classic New Japan review scheduled for later today as I take a look at the Skydiving J show from 1996.

Now some news from Cultaholic

Toni Storm will be on Smackdown next week

Have they written her out of NXT yet or will she be show hopping for a few weeks?

Titus O’Neil will be getting back in the ring again

I’m not sure if he’ll actually get much of a push, but I don’t begrudge him getting some bookings after all the good work he’s done in his local community.

Impact Wrestling is on pay per view this weekend with Slammiversary

They’re also going to have fans as well, which should be pretty cool. I’ve struggled to really get into the product during The Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour due to it being in an empty building and them only recently starting to dub crowd noise in. This could be a good jumping on point though, so I might give this a watch. I’m not sure what channel Impact is on over here in the UK but I you can get the pay per views on the FITE app.

Scott Steiner defends his newly won nL Wrestling Games Grand Prix Championship, but who will his opponent be?

This was one heck of a match actually!

Have a good weekend everyone!