92 Watts WCW

The more I watch of the Watts Era of WCW (which didn't even last a year in total I think), the more I'm fascinated by the really good (Cactus push and turn, megaheel Vader, constant Rude top heel push, alot of hardhitting fast-paced action preferably in the main event scene, many really good big events, getting rid of El Gigante, PN News and co.) and really stupid (Vader losing his first WCW title a few weeks after his victory at GAB92, Steiners without direction/new ideas and leaving, Super Invader and Barbarian getting big pushes out the gate then fizzling out as expected, Erik Watts, peabrain White Castle Of Fear and Spin The Wheel drek, top rope rule…) decisions.

Is Watts the ultimate angel/devil on your shoulders guy? Sting/Vader vs Coal Miner's Glove! Wargames 92 classic vs badass Erik Watts with the unbreakable STF! Rude/Steamboat vs laser-shooting eyes in mini-movies! Prime JR vs Simmons/Barbarian world title program! I mean wtf!

Bill's main problem was that he was completely out of touch with what wrestling actually WAS in 1992, and by the time he was able to adjust, it was too late.  Really, his main directive from the company was to come in and cut the spiralling costs of running WCW, which he did.  I actually like the Watts era a lot because it's such a fascinating trainwreck of what could have been and that's why I'm continuing to do the WCW Saturday Night series.