“Do you like wrestling?” (non-passive aggressive version)

Obviously you like (or at the very least have liked) wrestling. But what (if any) wrestling would you be watching if the blog didn't exist and you didn't have to worry about which shows to cover (or not cover) based on how well that content did on the blog?
Are there promotions you'd follow more closely that perhaps you enjoy but can't justify devoting time to when reviews on that promotion make you less money than other shows? Would you still watch WWE PPVs? Would you still bother with modern wrestling or would
you just relive classic shows on the Network?

Hmm, good question.  I'd probably still watch modern PPVs because I have friends who like to watch along and chat with me and it's included with the Network anyway.  I'd likely have binged through all of Superstars, Challenge and Mid-South by now if I wasn't worried about spacing it all out weekly for the blog, to be honest.  I might be watching more of the indie stuff on the Network or ROH on Fite, stuff like that.  Of course I'd still be watching AEW.  I'd actually be LESS likely to go back and watch stuff on the Network that I've seen before, though, because usually I do that with the intention of writing about it and freed from that I wouldn't have any reason to do so.  I'd probably also watch a bit of RAW or Smackdown here and there as well.  You know what I probably would watch a lot more of?  The 3.5 hour “Best of whatever” collections on the Network, which I don't really want to review but which would be fun time-wasters.