Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 16th July 2021

Another Friday is upon us!

We’ve actually had some nice weather here in the UK this week so I’m potentially planning a nice socially distanced walk with a buddy I haven’t seen in a while to make good use of the sun this Saturday. They’re supposed to be lifting restrictions here in the UK on Monday, but the current figures aren’t looking too hot so we’ll see how long that lasts before they lock us down again. Seriously, I envy you American’s in having a President who at least seems to have some semblance of a grip on this thing. Our bungling flop headed doofus couldn’t organise flatulence after a spicy burrito, and yet he’ll still probably win the next election by a landslide because Keir Starmer is about as appealing as dry oatmeal in a sweaty gym sock.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott Keith has got a BONUS Lucha Underground review up at the moment, and he has some Superstars from 1993 on the docket as well. I have to say that I’m loving those Superstars reviews in particular, the rant about Vince McMahon and Father Christmas last week was absolute GOLD. Logan Scisco has also got an episode of WWF Superstars pending, but this will be from 1990 as he continues his journey through that year. For fans of NXT:UK, Thomas Hall has got the most recent review up.

Time for some news courtesy of Cultaholic

WALTER Vs Dragunov II is OFF due to WALTER suffering legit hand injury

Maybe he strained his wrist whilst playing the cello back in Vienna? In all seriousness, I hope he recovers quickly. I actually broke my hand once and it was no fun whatsoever, so I can sympathise when someone suffers a hand injury.

Tamina has been added to the women’s Money in the Bank match

I might be putting my foot in my mouth here, but I doubt she’ll end up winning it. She’s probably just there to do some power spots and catch some of the smaller women when they fall off ladders or whatnot, kind of like when they put someone like Mark Henry in one of the men’s MITB matches.

Goldberg will be returning to Raw this Monday

Last time against Drew they used him mostly correctly by just having him there to put Drew over, but I always get worried when they bring him back these days in case they have him plough through one of the regulars like Owens or Fiend to make them look like lesser stars. At this stage the best use for Goldberg is squashing lower card geeks or putting over the younger generation. Anything else is a waste. Hopefully he isn’t here to get his win back over Drew or feud over the World Title or something. Honestly, I would have put him on Smackdown to kill Corbin just to keep the story of Corbin’s life falling apart going

Cody calls out Malakai Black on Dynamite

Take care everyone!