Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 15th July 2021

So how about that Dynamite last night huh?

I have to say that I really loved it, with even Matt Hardy and Christian setting the clock back and having a darn fine wrestling contest with one another. Having a hot crowd that was into the product helped immeasurably of course, as did AEW actually trying to give them segments and matches they would enjoy as opposed to trolling them for their own amusement.

I’ve no idea what’s happening with that new Rampage show over here in the UK by the way. I currently subscribe to AEW+ on FITE, because ITV Hub was pretty unreliable in regards to upload times when the show first started so I had to pony up in order to actually get the show at a reasonable time. I’ve not bothered asking if Rampage will be included in that, but maybe I should seeing as the 13/08 debut is looming on the horizon?

Scheduled on the Blog today: Scott Keith and Tommy Hall both have reviews of AEW Dynamite up. As usual my classic ROH review seems to have bombed, but if you fancy giving it a read it’s in my archives. Logan Scisco’s Prime Time Wrestling review from 1990 is still up as well, as is Jabronivilles most recent Dream Matches review, featuring Andre The Giant doing giant things.

Now for some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Tucker thinks he will team with Otis again

I mean, maybe we could get an actual feud between them first to pay off that whole angle where Tucker cost him the case? That being said, Otis is a Heel these days anyway and Tucker isn’t even in WWE, so it looks like that will forever be a lost storyline.

Beth Phoenix is open to doing a retirement match in WWE

Rhea Ripley would be the perfect person to do that with actually. WWE would probably want it to be Charlotte, but she’s already pretty much got the scalp of Trish so I think they could save Beth for Rhea, especially as they both have the powerhouse thing going on.

Miro debuts a new look TNT Title

It looks pretty nice actually. I’m guessing the TNT Title will become exclusive to the Rampage show and pay per views once Dynamite makes the move to TBS?

The concluding part of Game Grumps playing WrestleMania X-8 on the GameCube

Hope everyone has a glorious day!