Orndorff as a face.

Gudday Scott,

I know you said the plan was always to have Andre turn on Hogan at some point. What about Orndorff, was he always gonna be a heel 18 months after a face-turn?

Or was it that he just wasn't as good as a face and the turn was more down to Orndorff himself?
Vince used to plan really long-term so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility that it was a long game.  However, in this specific case, George Scott was booking the WWF until shortly after Wrestlemania 2 and then got fired, at which point Vince took over 100% and suddenly we had a bunch of stuff like the Orndorff turn and the revamp of the shows into Superstars and Challenge.  So I'm thinking it was more of a decision made at that point.