Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 14th July 2021

It’s the Wednesday Daily Thread, and you know what that means!

I’ve been going back to playing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns during the evenings this week, as I can play Matchmaker Mode whilst listening to podcasts. I’ve been working my way through the 2001 Wrestling Observer shows and we’ve just reached the period after Mania X-SEVEN where listeners are calling in excited for this whole Invasion thing. I sure hope they don’t end up disappointed…

Scheduled for the Blog today: Scott Keith and Thomas Hall have both got reviews of last night’s NXT, and Scott has got another edition of WCW Saturday Night that will be up later today. I’ve got the concluding part of ROH The Epic Encounter 2003 scheduled to go up later on, featuring Bryan Danielson taking on Paul London. Just a hunch, but I’m thinking that match might end up being pretty good. Jabroniville has some more Dream Matches to come and then Logan Scisco has got a Prime Time Wrestling review from April 1990 on the docket. Andy PG has also reviewed AEW Dark and that review is up RIGHT NOW.

Now for some news, courtesy of Cultaholic

Buddy Murphy had pitched to be Paul Heyman’s associate in the Roman Reigns story

I’m sure that would have been decent actually, as he could have at least had some good matches with the likes of Edge and Daniel Bryan whilst they feuded with Roman.

AEW General Manager gets a release date

I don’t do mobile gaming, but you’ve got to have a game for that market if you’re being serious about the whole Vidja Game thing. I know people who are obsessed with that WWE one where you have to align some gems or something to make the wrestlers do moves.

Blair Davenport (the former Bea Priestley) talks about how she ended up in NXT-UK

I must admit that “Blair Davenport” is one of the better NXT random generated names.

ROH Death Before Dishonour date has been announced

The one from the weekend has been getting some good reviews and I’ve been thinking about picking up the replay on FITE. I’ve had enough of Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour empty arena wrestling, but apparently this show had a crowd so colour me intrigued.

The Game Grumps play WrestleMania X-8

Have a good day everyone!