Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 13th July 2021

Hey ya’ll!

Lot of talk about Stephen A. Smith going full Russo on that Shohei Ohtani fellow in the Daily Thread yesterday. Sadly it wasn’t Shinjiro Otani he had a go at, because at least we could have gotten him a plane ticket and he could have shown up to Bristol, CT and given Smith a Spiral Bomb through the First Take desk. Heck, give Kellerman the springboard dropkick for good measure whilst you’re at it! Catch The Rainbow baby!

Scheduled for the Blog today: Scott Keith has got a Prime Time Wrestling review on the docket, whilst Tommy Hall has got a review up of last night’s Raw that you can go and read right now! Andy PG’s AEW Elevation review is also posted for your reading pleasure as well. I’m not sure if that show will still be a thing once Rampage starts, but who knows?

RIP to Paul Orndorff of course. My personal favourite match of his is probably the No DQ match he had with Cactus Jack at WCW SuperBrawl III. It’s a good brawl with some customary crazy Cactus bumps and Orndorff showing off his impressive charisma. Worth a watch if you’ve never seen it and have a WWE Network sub (Not sure if it’s on Peacock yet).

Now some news courtesy of Cultaholic

Adam Cole says that the break-up of Undisputed Era kind of just felt into their laps

I am frankly shocked that a big storyline in WWE just kind of happened one week with seemingly little preparation or forethought.

New Japan fans can vote on stipulations for an upcoming show

They should honestly just rename that KOPW thing to the “Yano Division” and be done with it if you ask me, because he’s the dude that’s carrying it.

Zack Gowen isn’t looking to work a full schedule with WWE or AEW

I could see him doing a one-shot appearance in one of those Casino Battle Royals or the Royal Rumble actually. I know there’s a whole generation of fans who first started watching during the Ruthless Aggression Era of the company, but I wonder if they’d be especially nostalgic for him?

Taylor Wilde is going to be back in Impact Wrestling from the next taping

Ever since watching OSW Review I can’t listen to her old TNA theme without humming “bicycle, bicycle”. On a serious note, I was kind of bummed when she stepped away from wrestling the first time because I enjoyed her work, so hopefully she can stick with Impact for a bit. I remember really liking a match she had with Abyss against Stevie Richards and Daffney on one of those TNA pay per views from around 2009-10 where she did a big splash off the stage through a table.

Hope everyone has a good day!