Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 11th July 2021

Hope everyone is keeping well

Decided I’ll mix up the feature art, but we’ll see Oasis again, don’t you worry. I actually discovered Digitalism by accident as they covered “Down Down Down” by The Presets and I’ve enjoyed their musical stylings ever since, with I Love You Dude being a good album of theirs from 2011.

The big sporting news over here in England today is that the men’s English Football Team is playing in their first Final since 1966, when they take on Italy in the European Championship at Wembley. We made pretty hard work of beating Denmark and Italy have rampaged their way to the Final on the other side of the bracket, so I’m not overly optimistic, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll give them a game at the very least! Maybe we can Chono/Fujita 2005 this somehow?

There was also a big UFC Fight last night featuring professional motor mouth Conor McGregor taking on Dustin Poirer, but I won’t spoil anything here just in case some people have it taped to watch later. I’m nice like that. Personally I haven’t really been into UFC for a while, but I’m sure this show will have done have very well at the box office. If the fight is good then I’m sure BT Sport will stick it up on YouTube at some stage so I’ll watch it then.

Scheduled on the Blog today: A new UWF Fury Hour review courtesy of everyone’s favourite Gregarious Geordie Maffew should already be up as you read this, so please take the time to give it a gander. Thomas Hall has a Smackdown and ECW review from 2007 up. My review of ECW Hardcore Heaven 97 is still out there in the wrestleverse somewhere. Paul’s Threaddown night thread debuted yesterday, and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of UFC chatter in there. Jabroniville has another Joshi Spotlight review waiting to be released into the wild, so keep your ears to the floor and that should be up later on tonight. Meanwhile The Big Boss Man of the BoD Block has got some 1996 Monday Night War reviews ready for public consumption, so please read those or the rest of us Blog staffers may be serving some hard times later on at the hands of Keithster.

Once again Cultaholic has got some news for us;

NXT could be facing some pre-emptions this summer due to the Olympics

Bloody eastern European javelin throwers eating into our Karrion Kross time!

Some rare good ratings news for WWE, as the most recent episode of Smackdown was apparently up in viewership

“Paltrier” is actually word I’ve never used before but I might keep it in reserve as it’s a gooden. On a serious note, I was in the night thread on Friday and from what people were posting it sounded like the show was an enjoyable train wreck, so I might check out the replay on the BT Sport App, which is the first time I’ve wanted to do that for a WWE show in a while.

Location of the Extreme Rulz pay per view has been revealed, along with some other dates

MSG on the 10th of September should be interesting. I’ve long since felt they should do a simulcast pay per view with half the matches in Brooklyn and the other half at MSG, but they’d need the card to justify it. Still, that would be a combined 35-40k attendance I think (Not sure how many you can squeeze into Brooklyn but MSG is 20,000 isn’t it?)

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair win an ESPY!

Hey good for them! I enjoyed that match quite a bit so it’s nice that they’ve got some recognition.

Can Stone Cold hang on to the nL Wrestling Games Grand Prix Championship? Check the vid below!

Hope everyone has a cracking day (Unless you’re an Italy supporter, in which case I hope every facet of your day excluding the result of the footy later on brings you joy)

Oh, and if England do indeed manage to pull off the upset then I don’t see how you don’t give Raheem Sterling the Player of the Tournament award. Pickford probably deserves to be Goalkeeper of the Tournament too in that scenario, especially if he keeps the score down with the impressive collection of attacking talent that Italy boasts.