Andre Heel Turn

Do you know how far ahead they planned Andre the Giant's heel turn and the Hogan feud back in 1986-87? Was it the plan from way back when Andre was “suspended” in the spring of 86 so that Bobby Heenan could later be involved in getting that suspension lifted? Or were they just playing around with that angle and the Machines and then shoehorned it all together later in the year when they had the Wrestlemania III plan?

I know you (and I) were like 10 when this happened but you had backstage contacts then, right? 🙂

They were literally planning for the Andre feud the moment that Hulk wins the title.  The original backstage celebration with Andre was likely setting up a Shea Stadium match in summer 84 that ended up not happening but it was always the long game to get to that match eventually.