ECW on Sci Fi – February 6, 2007

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: February 6, 2007
Location: Qwest Center, Omaha, Nebraska
Attendance: 7,000
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

There is a new big bad around here and it happens to be Vince McMahon himself. That could be a rather scary proposition for ECW, which seems ready for a battle between the old and new. It is hardly a brand new idea in wrestling but at least it has some natural legs around here. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Vince McMahon arriving next week and not liking anything around here, save for Elijah Burke. That resulted in Burke getting beaten down by the ECW Originals, which you had to know was coming.

The ECW Originals (Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, Sabu and Rob Van Dam) are in the ring and here is Vince McMahon to join them. Vince asks what a cornhusker is, thinking it sounds like something that belongs in adult films. As he looks around the ring, he sees a bunch of has beens. Actually make that a bunch of NEVER HAS beens, as most of these people have criminal records so they had to go to ECW.

As Vince said last week, anything bout the original ECW sucks so these men suck too. He’s standing in the middle of Jurassic Park with these dinosaurs, but worry not because tonight, they are going extinct. Sandman loads up the Singapore cane but Vince reminds him who signs their checks. These guys are going to be in action tonight….or at least most of them as Vince can’t stomach all of them in one show. They better not break any rules or touch any officials though, or they’re fired.

Snitsky is coming.

Kevin Thorn vs. Tommy Dreamer

Hold on a second though as we need Matt Striker as guest referee. Thorn has Ariel in his corner and jumps Dreamer to start. Dreamer gets sent into the buckle and choked on the ropes, followed by an elbow to the face. The chinlock goes on until Dreamer hits a Stunner for the escape. A Sky High plants Thorn but Striker claims a knee injury to prevent a count. Thorn is back up with a clothesline to knock Dreamer over Striker, who can count the pin.

Hardcore Holly is ready to prove himself to Bobby Lashley.

Video on Bobby Lashley growing up and succeeding in amateur wrestling. Now he goes to schools where kids hold his title, including one who seems a bit too comfortable with it.

Bobby Lashley vs. Hardcore Holly

Non-title. Lashley powers him into the corner to start and the delayed vertical suplex connects early. A quick hot shot gets Holly out of trouble though and the shoulder gets posted. Said shoulder is sent into the steps and it’s time to head back inside for the reverse chinlock. Make that a waistlock as the memories of hurting Lashley’s shoulder are already fading away.

Holly ties up the legs for I guess you would say the Sharpshooter’s fourth half cousin twice removed by marriage. That is switched into an STF and then back to the waistlock as Holly shows his versatility. Lashley powers up with an overhead belly to belly, followed by a backdrop. The gorilla press powerslam finishes Holly out of nowhere.

Rating: D+. Lashley’s matches continue to not go so well and this time a lot of that was due to Holly. Why would you do two big moves to the arm and then ignore it for a bunch of ribs stuff? That was the majority of the match and that is hardly a way to keep the attention going. Another Lashley match that leaves you shaking your head, which is getting tiresome.

Post match here is Snitsky to jump Lashley with a big boot, setting up Holly’s Alabama Slam to leave Lashley laying.

Balls Mahoney vs. Marquis Cor Von

Mahoney has a neck brace thanks to Umaga on Raw and Matt Striker is timekeeper. Cor Von is smart enough to go straight to the neck, including forearms and a clothesline. There goes the neck brace but Mahoney avoids a charge in the corner and jabs away. That just earns him the Pounce into a cobra clutch and Mahoney is out in a hurry.

Extreme Expose, this time with a schoolgirl theme. Matt Striker interrupts though because he is guest ring announcer for the main event.

Elijah Burke vs. Rob Van Dam

Marquis Cor Von is guest commentator (Tazz and Styles didn’t notice) and Kevin Thorn is guest ring announcer. Also, anyone who interferes in any way is fired. Joined in progress with Van Dam hitting a suplex for two but Burke sends him out to the apron. A jawbreaker sends Van Dam into the barricade and Vince McMahon is very pleased in the back.

Burke grabs a double arm crank back inside, setting up the double knees to the chest. Van Dam kicks him in the head and grabs the monkey flip out of the corner. There’s the Five Star…but the bell rings while Van Dam is still in the air. It turns out to be a mistake (made by Thorn) and Burke is right there with a low blow to pin Van Dam.

Rating: C-. This didn’t have much time to do anything and it was much more about the angle than anything else. There is nothing wrong with that on an angle heavy show like this one and thankfully they kept it short. Burke seems to be getting a push and that is not a bad thing, as the lack of Sylvester Terkay may have been the trick for him.

Post match the beatdown is loaded up but the Originals run in for the save to clear the ring.

Overall Rating: C-. The wrestling was not the point here, as we now have a major story going on throughout the show. That is what ECW has been needing, as too much of the show’s history has been a bunch of short term stuff. Paul Heyman leaving was a big hit to where things are going, but now they seem to have found a new direction. Make things better from the ground up and we could be on to something around here. This wasn’t a great show, but it was an important step.



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