Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 10th July 2021

Greetings one and all!

I said I’d take over these for Scott so he could go and deal with real life shizzle, so welcome to the Mikey Fitz Era™®

Feedback is welcome as to the posting time of this as to whether it’s too early/late/or whether it’s the veritable third bowl of porridge for you all.

Scheduled on the Blog today: Thomas Hall’s review of Smackdown should already be up by the time you read this, so be a lamb and pay that a visit. I believe we’ve got another UWF Fury Hour review from Maffew due to go up on the cusp of Saturday Night/Sunday Morning. I’ve got a review of ECW Hardcore Heaven 97 on the docket, and Le Grande Fromage himself Scott Keith will be taking us back in time for another edition of WCW Saturday Night.

Today’s news courtesy of Cultaholic

Bayley currently injured

All the best to her and hopefully she recovers well. A silver lining is that they can perhaps bring her back as a babyface now (although I believe she cut a Heel promo on the show last night, so who knows)

Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart show up on Smackdown

Hey good for them, Tegan especially. Let’s hope this is the run where she stays healthy and does well for herself.

Speaking of people who have had a litany of lower body injuries, Keiji Muto has retired his Moonsault

I’m amazed he was even still doing it to begin with!

AEW’s “All Out” pay per view has sold out

Let’s hope those ticket buyers all go home happy following a Hangman Page coronation

Nick Aldis’ next challenger for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title has been decided

Can’t see the belt changing hands there, but who knows. I like that Scott is still reviewing Powerrr if only because I’m interested in seeing what he thinks of Colby Corino. It’s terrifying how much he looks like his dad and it makes me feel so old to think that a guy who was whiny fresh faced Heel in ECW when I first started watching now has a kid who is also wrestling

Josh Alexander is set for a big push in Impact Wrestling

I keep meaning to watch that hour long match he had with TJ Perkins

Today’s YouTube clip comes courtesy of Catalyst Wrestling. You can catch them every week on FITE.TV. I discovered them during the initial lockdown way back in 2020 actually and I’ve been keeping tabs on them since

Have a great day ya’ll!