Idiot refs: the deep cuts

An open-forum question for the blog:

What is everyone's favorite lesser-heralded examples of bad refereeing?  I'll start off with a couple that spring immediately to mind:

1) Survivor Series 1990: Undertaker gets counted out while chasing Dusty down the aisle, even though Valentine had obviously tagged in, and Taker was no longer the legal man.  Even undead zombies can't escape the rookie treatment, it seems.

2) Hogan/Slaughter at WM7: On two occasions, Slaughter chairs Hogan in full view of the ref and nothing happens.  You could handwave it by saying that the storyline (and Slaughter's pre-match promo sets this up) is that he's trying to get DQ'd to protect his
title and the ref knows this and decides not to give him the easy out.  However, the announcers don't press this point, and indeed, completely ignore that he did those chair shots right in front of the ref.  So, idiot ref it is.

Survivor Series 91:  Everyone in this match is disqualified!  Except for Ric Flair, who was standing on the floor at the time of the infraction so he's specifically exempted and thus wins the match!