Dynamite – June 30, 2021

Date: June 30, 2021
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Excalibur, Chris Jericho, Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross

We’re finally back to the normal schedule and that is a very good thing. It’s the final night in Daily’s Place as the show is heading back on the road starting next week. The big match this week is Sammy Guevara vs. MJF, which should make for a heck of a grudge match. Throw in the Young Bucks vs. Penta El Zero Miedo/Eddie Kingston and we should be good to go. Let’s get to it.

Chris Jericho is here for commentary.

Young Bucks vs. Penta El Zero Miedo/Eddie Kingston

Non-title but if Penta/Kingston win, they get a title shot later. The Bucks debut their latest horrible look with some rather thin facial hair. Matt gets taken down for an early rollup to start and Kingston holds the legs for Penta’s top rope double stomp. It’s off to Nick to take Penta down though and the double fist drop sets up some pelvic thrusting. Penta gets sent outside where he grabs a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Matt.

Back in and a high crossbody hits Nick, allowing the hot tag off to Kingston to start the house cleaning. Kingston is taken outside though and a knockdown sets up the apron moonsault/splash combination. Back in and Matt grabs a chinlock, but Kingston fights up again. That earns him a running knee to the face but More Bang For Your Buck is broken up. A superplex plants Nick though and the hot tag brings in Penta to start striking away. Everything breaks down and a corkscrew Code Red gets three but the referee calls it two anyway, earning a VERY unimpressed chant from the crowd.

A Backstabber gets a slightly farther apart two but Nick grabs the referee and kicks Penta low. The spike Fear Factor gets two on Penta with Kingston diving in for a save. Cue the Good Brothers (JR: “Where the h*** do they work anyway?”) but Kingston starts the comeback. That earns him a series of superkicks and it’s back to Penta, who gets backdropped to the floor. Brandon Cutler spray Nick in the face with the cold spray, so here is Kazarian to take him out. Penta hits the big flip dive onto everyone and the Fear Factor into the spinning backfist finally puts Matt away at 13:50.

Rating: B-. It took a lot but it was nice to see the Bucks lose for a change. You can only be so unbeatable for so long before it stops having any impact so it making them seem a little vulnerable is a good idea. I’m not sure I buy Penta and Kingston’s chances of winning the titles, but it gave them a bit of an opening and that is a good thing.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Christian Cage gives Jungle Boy another pep talk, saying he’ll be World Champion one day. Tonight is important too though, as Boy can be the first AEW wrestler to fifty wins. The rest of Jurassic Express comes in with Luchasaurus thanking Christian for having Boy’s back on Saturday. Christian happens to be related to a dinosaur and Luchasaurus is interested.

Here are the Men Of The Year for a chat about Ethan Page’s match against Darby Allin. Page is sick of trying to get rid of Darby Allin so it is time to try and exterminate him. After everything he has put Allin through, both here and on the independent circuit, Page needs to do more. Every time Allin tries the Coffin Drop, it’s going to get even worse….and here is Sting, pulling a coffin. Allin is inside of course and house is cleaned in a hurry. Page and Scorpio Sky bail out, with Page saying the coffin match is off for next week. If Allin will agree to not touch him until the match, MAYBE they can do this at Fyter Fest.

Jungle Boy vs. Jack Evans

They go technical to start with neither being able to get very far. An early Snare Trap attempt sends Evans bailing to the ropes, setting up a kick to the ribs. A very springboard wristdrag sends Evans down and a dropkick does the same. We take a break and come back with Boy dropkicking the knee out and hitting a hard clothesline. Evans catches him up top but a German superplex is escaped. Boy catches him in the Tree of Woe for a quick shot and the Snare Trap makes Evans tap at 6:06.

Rating: C. Boy has one of the best attributes you can have as a wrestler: likability. There is something about him that makes you want to see him win and that is going to take him a very long way. The fact that he can wrestle a good match with just about anyone is going to make it even better, and it has been working so far.

Post match here is the Hardy Family Office for the brawl, but Christian and the rest of Jurassic Express comes in for the big brawl. Christian chokes Hardy with the suit jacket until Evans makes the save, allowing Hardy to escape.

MJF talks about how he infiltrated the Inner Circle and started his own stable with the Pinnacle. It amazes him to see how Chris Jericho has turned into a version of the Looney Tunes and we hear about some things Jericho has done. MJF is feeling generous though and is willing to give Jericho some stipulations to get one more match. If Jericho can meet those, which he won’t, he has to leave MJF alone once MJF beats him again. That’s for next week though, because tonight Sammy Guevara has to learn that while he’s the future, MJF is the now. MJF was all fired up here, which is where he does his best.

Andrade El Idolo, in English and Spanish, with subtitles, wants to face Matt Sydal (“Matt Something”) at Road Rager in Miami.

Tony Schiavone brings out Kenny Omega, also with some questionable facial hair, for a chat. Omega talks about how earlier today, Tony asked him how he stayed motivated to find that next gear. Tony: “I didn’t ask you anything today.” Omega lists off everyone that he has beaten (or at least their accolades) before saying there is no one left in the rankings to face. That means he is going to take some time off from around here so he’ll be defending his other titles at the moment.

Cue the Dark Order with Evil Uno saying there are some challenges left. Omega laughs that off (fair) as the fans chant for some COWBOY S***. Uno admits that they don’t have the singles wins to make that work, but they know someone who does. Omega knows who they mean but doesn’t think he has the guys. This is where Omega bids them goodbye and goodnight and that’s that. They had me a bit scared with the Dark Order tease so the ending helped.

Brian Pillman Jr. didn’t like Miro putting his hands on Griff Garrison, who is like a brother to him. This isn’t just about the TNT Title, because this is personal.

TNT Title: Miro vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Miro is defending and throws him into the corner to start. There’s an Irish whip into the corner and Miro starts hammering on the back. Miro slams him down again and we take an early break. Back again with Pillman making a comeback and sending Miro into the barricade. Air Pillman connects for two and Pillman hits a few superkicks but Miro hits his own. Game Over knocks Pillman out at 8:40.

Rating: C+. The 180 that Miro has done is outstanding as he is now one of the best things going in AEW. He is a serious monster at this point who is running through everyone in front of him. On top of that, his God’s champion deal is excellent and it is fun to watch him every time he is on screen. On top of that too, you have him wrecking people in the ring to make it even better.

Hangman Page is ticked off as the Dark Order for bringing him up to Kenny Omega. They don’t think he’s scared of Omega but they think he might be scared of failure. They’re here for him….and then leave him alone. Page doesn’t seem sure about this being his time.

Taz talks about how Team Taz is not at full strength, but sometimes family has to fight to clean things up. That’s why on July 14, Brian Cage is defending the FTW Title against a medically cleared Ricky Starks.

Rebel/Britt Baker vs. Nyla Rose/Vickie Guerrero

Baker jumps Vickie to start so Rebel can fail at a choke on Rose. A splash crushes Rebel and now it’s off to Vickie, meaning the Eddie Dance is back. We take a break and come back with Baker coming in for a Sling Blade on Rose. That earns her a failed Beast Bomb attempt and a low superkick staggers Rose. The glove is loaded up but Rose is back with a chokeslam. The splash in the ropes gets two but Baker pulls Vickie comes in, only to get pulled out of the corner. Lockjaw finishes Vickie at 6:55.

Rating: D+. So what was the plan here? Vickie asked for this match and then didn’t do anything out of the ordinary here, making it little more than a handicap match. That’s a weird way to go, unless the plan was just to be a distraction so Rose could do her thing. It really didn’t work and doesn’t exactly make Vickie look that smart.

Post match Rose lays Baker out again and it’s a powerbomb off the apron and through a table at ringside. Rebel seems to have been hurt, as she disappeared about halfway through the match and never came back.

The Inner Circle is ready for their six man tag against the Pinnacle next week because it’s time for some revenge. They’ll have their dogs around to deal with Tully Blanchard too.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Sammy Guevara

MJF bails to the floor to start before coming back in to run the ropes…into a strut. Guevara is back with a weak strut but misses a dropkick. Sammy runs him over but the GTH is countered into a pinfall reversal sequence with both guys nipping up. A rake to the eyes doesn’t cause Sammy many problems as he sends MJF into the buckle. It’s too early for the 630 so MJF bails outside, only to get caught with a double springboard cutter for two back inside.

They head outside again with Guevara being sent into the barricade as we take a break. Back with MJF tying him in the ring skirt for some forearms but Guevara grabs a backdrop. A springboard is countered into a sitout powerbomb to give MJF two but a Spanish Fly gives Guevara two. Guevara sends him to the floor for a big running corkscrew dive, followed by a springboard Canadian Destroyer for two more.

MJF is back with a shot of his own and grabs a chair, which is dropkicked into his face. That sends MJF over the barricade and Sammy busts out a CRAZY dive from the top to take MJF out again (that was amazing). Back in and Sammy goes up but MJF crotches him down. MJF hits a super Tombstone and that gets two, while also banging up MJF’s knee.

Another pinfall reversal sequence gets two each until Sammy hits the GTH for two, as MJF’s foot is in the rope. The 630 connects for two more and here is Shawn Spears. Chris Jericho gets up from commentary to cut him off but Wardlow jumps Jericho from behind and throws him off a not very tall platform. Spears gets in the chair to Guevara to give MJF the pin at 20:07.

Rating: B. This was a crazy match with some amazing athleticism and way too much going on to bog it down. There was too much interference, far too many people involved and at least two spots that either should have finished the match or not been included. The result was fine as MJF is gearing up for the mega showdown with Jericho, but there was too much here and it brought it down from great to good.

We get a rather nice highlight package on the time in Jacksonville with a song talking about thanking everyone for being there. That’s pretty cool of AEW after almost a year and a half. JR: “There is nothing like seeing WWE Dynamite live!” End of show. I know it’s just a slip of the tongue, but that has happened, way, way too often for JR and they need to do something about it.

Overall Rating: B+. Now this was more like the old school Dynamite which worked out rather well. They had good action up and down the card while also setting up some things for the future. It was energized, had the right flow and did everything they needed to do. I had a good time watching this and it flew by with a heck of a pair of bookend matches. Awesome show here and their best in a long time.

Penta El Zero Miedo/Eddie Kingston b. Young Bucks – Spinning backfist to Matt
Jungle Boy b. Jack Evans – Snare Trap
Miro b. Brian Pillman Jr. – Game Over
Rebel/Britt Baker b. Vickie Guerrero/Nyla Rose – Lockjaw to Guerrero
Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Sammy Guevara – Chair shot

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