Not So Bad


The email you got sent about acknowledged great workers that you couldn't get into got me thinking about the opposite. Is there someone that generally doesn't get regarded as a good worker that you just find yourself a fan of?

Mine is easily Davey Boy Smith. It seems like people only talk about the Bret match and his tag stuff with Dynamite and Owen, but I always found him to be a solid worker that knew his spots and gimmick. I loved his WCW work with Vader and Regal and even found myself entertained by his other singles matches in thr WWF.

Davey was regarded as one of the top workers in the world for years.  It was just that he blew up due to drugs and his back injury late in his career.  But before then he went from top-level junior heavyweight to top-level tag team wrestler to high-level midcard power wrestler.  

For me it's Bruno lately, as he always had a rep of not being a good “worker”, which is true, but when you watch all his stuff on the Network and see his incredible charisma and babyface timing, you can't help but become a fan of his.