What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – March 24, 1990

Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura handle commentary duties, starting a new round of tapings in Sacramento, California.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, these tapings took place on March 6 and attracted a crowd of 13,500, with 2,000 of those fans attending for free.  This week Ventura has his face painted like the Ultimate Warrior – a horrifying sight – and is wearing tassels because he is once again changing his prediction for the WrestleMania VI main event.

Opening Contest:  The Big Bossman (5-1) pins Bob Bradley after a spinebuster in 42 seconds:

In the split screen, Akeem and Slick insist that the Bossman is more of a redneck than a professional law enforcement officer.  Slick calls the Bossman a bully for what he did to Brother Love several weeks ago, with Akeem adding that he will put the Bossman in his place at WrestleMania.  The Bossman and Bradley almost have a miscommunication on the finish since it appears that Bradley was not sure if he was taking the Bossman Slam or a spinebuster.  After the bout, the Bossman handcuffs Bradley to the top rope and beats him up.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment recaps the Hulk Hogan-Ultimate Warrior feud before the Warrior cuts a new promo.  He says that he is going to take Hogan into his world of darkness where Hogan will never return.  For his part, Hogan slams the Warrior’s “Frankenstein talk” and promises to turn him into a ghost at WrestleMania.  Hogan blew the Warrior away on the mic in this exchange as it seems like the Warrior is running out of good promo material before the big event.

The Barbarian squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

Sean Mooney hypes WrestleMania VI and kicks it over to some promos.  Dino Bravo, Earthquake, and Jimmy Hart promise that Bravo is going to take Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s 2×4 and break it over his head.  Bravo also puts over the Earthquake as his special weapon.  Jimmy Snuka slams Rick Rude’s comments from a few weeks ago about torturing flies.  Snuka says what matter is what Rude can do in the ring at WrestleMania.

Okerlund does the WrestleMania VI Report.

Rhythm & Blues (w/Jimmy Hart) (7-0-1) defeat Jim Gorman & Jerry Monti when the Honky Tonk Man pins Monti after a double side suplex at 1:48:

In the split screen, Rhythm & Blues hype their performance at WrestleMania VI and put themselves over as a bigger musical act than Robert Goulet.  Rhythm & Blues use strikes for most of their offense, finishing off Monti after doing a double elbow off the ropes.

After the match, Rhythm & Blues sing some of their theme song and Honky gets upset when the team’s music cuts out for the Bushwhackers entrance that is the show’s next scheduled match.  Rhythm & Blues refuse to leave ringside as the Bushwhackers make their way to the ring.  Hart provides a timely distraction so that Rhythm & Blues can lay them out with guitars, setting up a new feud in the tag team division.

Mooney introduces more WrestleMania promos.  Hercules talks up Earthquake’s size, saying that he is not scared of facing him on April 1.  The Bolsheviks sing the Soviet national anthem after discussing how much they hate Mikhail Gorbachev’s Americanization of their country.

The Ultimate Warrior squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

Brother Love interviews Earthquake and Jimmy Hart.  Earthquake warns Hercules that no one can survive an encounter with him.  He predicts a natural disaster for the WrestleMania main event.  Love and Hart put over how Earthquake has dished out punishment in recent weeks to the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan, promising future encounters.  Hart heralds Earthquake as the next WWF champion.

Okerlund does the WrestleMania VI Report.  Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri vow to prevail over Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire, while Rhodes and Sapphire promise the opposite.  Demolition promise that WrestleMania will be the last chapter of the Colossal Connection’s tag team title reign.  And Ted DiBiase and Virgil promise to give Jake Roberts a beating so DiBiase can regain possession of the Million Dollar Championship Belt.  Rona Barrett promises an exclusive report on how macho Randy Savage is when she interviews Sherri.  And Steve Allen talks about his previous career as a television wrestling announcer in the 1940s and 1950s before ripping the way Jesse Ventura calls matches.

The Rockers (4-0) defeat Buddy Rose & the Brooklyn Brawler when Shawn Michaels pins Rose after a double flying fist drop at 2:17:

It has been more than a month since the Rockers last televised appearance since they were dismissed from the previous round of television tapings for fighting each other backstage.  This bout is a far cry from the Rockers battles with Rose in the AWA.  He does work in a funny spot where he goes to do a moonsault before Marty Jannetty cuts him off and crotches him on the buckles.  In the split screen, Mr. Fuji talks up the martial arts abilities of the Orient Express and how they are Japan’s best tag team.  McMahon takes delight in calling the finish, as the Rockers finish off “the big fat man.”

A final salvo of WrestleMania promos air.  Bad News Brown insists that there are no good street fighters from Glasgow, Scotland and he promises no mercy for Roddy Piper.  Piper, with half of his face still painted black, mocks Brown and claims that he will be the one raising his fist for black power at Skydome.

McMahon announces that there will be a special contract signing between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior on the “Ultimate Challenge” special tomorrow night.

Tune in next week to see Mr. Perfect, Jake Roberts, and Roddy Piper in action!  Also, Randy Savage will be Brother Love’s guest!

The Last Word:  This show positions the Earthquake as the top contender for the WWF Championship after WrestleMania as Jimmy Hart called out Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior during the Brother Love segment.  That is as good a choice as any because the stock of all of the other heels has been devalued after losing feuds to Hogan, the Warrior, or Roddy Piper over the past year.  Aside from that, the Rhythm & Blues beatdown of the Bushwhackers was a nicely done segment, finally giving the new heel team a feud.

Up Next:  Wrestling Challenge for March 25!