What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – March 19, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in the studio for tonight’s broadcast.  Heenan tries to open the broadcast and makes it all about him.

Opening Contest:  The Barbarian (w/Bobby Heenan) pins Bob Allen after a flying clothesline at 1:34:

This is the Barbarian’s debut as a single.  In the split screen, Heenan tells Tito Santana that the Barbarian is “going to do his finest work” at WrestleMania VI.  The Barbarian is still wearing his Powers of Pain gear, so his look will need to be updated soon.  He looks good in the squash, knocking Allen down with a Mafia kick and finishing with a flying clothesline.

Heenan says that the Barbarian will be a rich man soon, something that Monsoon does not believe.  Monsoon chides Heenan that he will handle all of his excessive ticket requests for WrestleMania.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment recaps Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior’s promos on Superstars.  Heenan claims that psychiatrists would have a field day analyzing the Warrior.  He also theorizes that the winner of Hogan-Warrior will be so exhausted that the next number one contender will have a good chance of becoming the next WWF champion.

Ted DiBiase’s squash from Superstars airs.  Afterward, Monsoon tells Heenan that their next broadcast will be from Toronto’s CM Tower.  Heenan is not amused because he hates heights.

Brutus Beefcake’s squash from Superstars is shown.  After the match, Monsoon and Heenan hype the Beefcake-Mr. Perfect match that is booked for WrestleMania.

Okerlund’s interview with Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri on Wrestling Challenge airs.  Heenan says that Sherri has told him she is getting a new gown for WrestleMania.  He insists that Sapphire is having a dot removed.  Heenan and Monsoon’s conversation then veers toward the WWF Tag Team Championship Match, letting Heenan cut a small promo against Demolition and how they will leave Skydome with luggage that will not contain the tag team belts.

Akeem (w/Slick) (3-0) defeats Nino Gomez after a splash at 1:05:

In the split screen, Akeem claims that the Bossman owes dues and he will collect at WrestleMania.  Slick adds that the Bossman can expect a whipping.  Akeem runs through his normal offense to set up the big splash at the end.

Monsoon accuses Heenan of stealing the Domer stuffed animal, who is the mascot for WrestleMania.  Heenan insists that he is innocent.  Heenan launches into a tirade about the Big Bossman until Monsoon befuddles him by asking if he has ever been to jail.

Sean Mooney reminds viewers how to get WrestleMania and segways into event promos.  Earthquake and Jimmy Hart repeat a prior claim that Hercules will be a steppingstone to bigger things.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan warns Dino Bravo that he backs down from no one.

Heenan tells fans that if they cannot afford to get WrestleMania that it is their own fault, and they should have gotten a better job.

Tito Santana (5-2) beats Al Perez (2-0-1) via disqualification at 8:50 shown:

This match comes from a Superstars taping in Sacramento, California on March 6.  Santana is becoming a staple of Prime Time Wrestling, wrestling long matches against people low on the card like Bob Bradley, Black Bart, and Buddy Rose. The bout is not as good as Perez’s match against the Red Rooster because Perez’s offense reverts back to methodical strikes.  Santana makes a comeback when Perez puts his head down too early on an Irish whip and Perez pulls referee Joey Marella in front of him to avoid the flying forearm.  That leads to Perez getting a visual pin on Santana with a German suplex, but when Marella comes to he disqualifies Perez.  Marella’s recovery from the forearm was quicker than most wrestlers.  Rating:  *½

Monsoon tells Heenan that he has procured his thirty-one tickets for WrestleMania.

Brother Love’s segment with WWF Tag Team Champions the Colossal Connection and Heenan on Superstars is shown.

Okerlund does the WrestleMania VI Report.

Non-Title Match:  The Ultimate Warrior (Intercontinental Champion) (3-0) pins Steve Vega after a gorilla press drop to the outside of the ring at 1:34:

One humorous bit in the match is that the Warrior ignores Vega after running to the ring, preferring to speak to his “gods” through his hands.  When Vega interrupts that he eats a chop, the Warrior gorilla press drops him out of the ring, and then the Warrior rolls him into the ring for the pin.

Monsoon and Heenan hype the WrestleMania main event.  Heenan argues that Hogan’s title reign is in trouble, but Monsoon is skeptical because Hogan has been used to having a target on his back since first winning the championship from the Iron Sheik six years ago.

Dino Bravo (7-2) wrestles Bret Hart (0-1-1) to a time limit draw at 18:26 shown:

This bout took place at Madison Square Garden on October 28.  There are some noticeable clashes in pacing the match as Bret wants to work faster with reversals and technical sequences, but Bravo moves too slowly to make some of them work.  The awkwardness is so noticeable that Monsoon has to call it out.  Some of the pace improves after Bravo goes back to the locker room and returns, targeting the back after Bret takes a spill from the apron into the guardrail.  Bret bites out of a bearhug and blocks a suplex to cue the five moves of doom.  In the midst of that the time limit expires, putting an end to a match that improved a lot after the first eight minutes.  Bret got a great reaction for his entrance and throughout the match, making Vince McMahon’s decision not to push him for another year puzzling.  Rating:  **½

Heenan says he looks forward to Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bravo at WrestleMania because it pits the World’s Strongest Man against the World’s Dumbest Man.

Monsoon and Heenan hype Sunday’s “Ultimate Challenge” special and when Heenan wants his WrestleMania tickets at the end of the broadcast, Monsoon tells him that he will just have to wait until later.

The Last Word:  This is one of those shows that Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan had to carry because it was light on original content and they did it well, with Heenan’s humorous bits on-point throughout the telecast.  The big matches also protected each superstar since the WWF did not want Dino Bravo, Bret Hart, or Tito Santana taking a loss before WrestleMania.  And keeping Al Perez undefeated shows that the WWF is keeping him in a holding pattern for later.  In shoot interviews, Perez has said that the WWF was trying to find him a gimmick for this time period, and he was not keen on changing his look, wearing non-black and white colors, or doing anything other than going to the ring and wrestling.  Those disagreements would cause problems for his run later.

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