Should AEW go after more guaranteed money?

Hi Scott,

So let’s assume the AEW Saturday specials pop a nice rating for Turner and everyone is happy. 

What if the next steps were for Turner to offer to buy the rights to AEW PPV’s to air them on HBO Max?  Perhaps $25-50 million a year for all 4 PPV’s in all markets HBO Max is in.  That is a pretty small number in comparison to all live sports contracts, but a pretty sizable chunk of revenue for AEW.

If you are Tony Khan, would you take the guaranteed cash, or bet on yourself and think AEW’s PPV are going to grow and be worth more?

I’d take the guaranteed money.  WWE has taught us that you ALWAYS take the guaranteed money.  

Also HBO Max is literally only in one market so they’d have to maintain PPV presence everywhere else in the world anyway.