Hot-shotting PPV matches on free TV

Happy Father's Day, Scott!

So the Hell In A Cell on Smackdown stunt has got me thinking:   

has admitted that TV ratings are their first priority when they gave away the Wargames match on free TV. Now Vince followed suit and gave away Roman/Rey in the Cell.  With the Network being spun off onto the 'Cock, the WWE wouldn't even care about the viewership
numbers of their PPVs anymore, would they?

WWE going to fully embrace this new booking philosophy moving forward?  Using each PPV to pop a TV rating instead of using the TV shows to build to the PPV?  Why not have a Money In The Bank main event on RAW instead of the PPV?  Why not main-event a Smackdown
with a 40-minute Survivor Series match?  It seems like a Vince thing to do, to make PPVs a creative afterthought as soon as NBC's cheque cleared.

It's really some next level 4D chess shit on Vince's part at this point, as he now has two major network conglomerates fighting over his stale content while he openly screws over the paying PPV customer and cashes in on TV rights.  And good on him, it's not his fault that every other money mark in history was too stupid to play the players.  I've still got the WWE Network and I can watch old episodes of Prime Time Wrestling if I want either way.