Mitb in the 80s/90s

Who would have made great Money in the bank winners in the 80s/90s?

My choices are dibiase (he buys the briefcase off someone; hires people to wear down the champ and then cashes in); honky Tonk man (he tries to find the perfect moment to cash in against hogan/savage/warrior but can never find the right moment), and Owen hart (he wins mitb instead of king of the ring and cashes in on Bret).

Oh my god, Owen Hart fluking into the MITB win and then cashing in on Bret one day is the visual in my head that I never knew I needed until you mentioned it.  Can you even imagine the celebration?  Especially if it involved getting Yokozuna to destroy his brother first and then proudly cashing in and pinning himself, and then doing a 10 minute celebration?  We need to make this happen.