How bad will they book these reigns

We can all agree that nearly 10 years later and Brock ending UT's streak was not a good call, as it just lead to something weve already seen before with Brock as a part time wrestler/champ.  Right now there is nooooooooo one in WWE or NXTUK that is worthy of defeating Reigns or WALTER, both that they haven't built anyone up even close to sniffing such glory, and i have no doubt they cannot come up with a compellling story and feud after those champs are beat.

What are the WORST possible outcomes for these two champions reigns ending that you can absolutely see this company pulling?  Theys seem to love giving Joe Coffey title shots for whatever fucking reason and i'm worried its only a matter of time they pull that bullshit.  Even with King of the Samoans making the title more relevant than it has in years, they still see it as props.  I have complete faith they'll think the wrestling world will be revitilized and ratings will soar as Dominik Mysterio wins it on whatever ppv happens in the fall.  oh and or Thge Miz

Stay safe. 

It's gonna be Cena.  We all need to just accept it now to begin the healing process in advance.