Scorcese and film length

So i decided to watch the Irishman for the 3rd time to see if i can appreciate it more, but this time, i watched it like a tv show, 6 episodes at around 20-30 mins each.  Immedietly enjoyed it much more. But then i found myself watching The Wolf of Wall Street in 1 take for the millionth time and that movie just flies by everytime.  I could say the same for The Departed.  I can take a whole day enjoying Lawrence of Arabia but i need a few more to get through Dr. Zhivago(still a tremendous flick).

Having said that, whats a a movie you like that just seems to take forver to get through and you sometimes struggle, and whats a long movie (lets say minimum 150 mins length) that its on and BAM! your hooked until the end.  Lets get the obvious out of the way and say besides Goodfellas.

Stay safe!

I liked the Irishman but 3 times?  Wow.  
Anyway, for the first question, GANGS OF NEW YORK.  Each time I promise myself I’ll make it through without falling asleep and each time I fail. 
As for the other way, Dances with Wolves.  Extended version even!  It’s my happy place movie.  That or Shawshank, but duh.