Blog of Doom is #2!

Just wanted to offer belated congratulations for placing second in “Best Wrestling Media” in the Theszie awards this year (narrowly losing to Botchamania). It was an intriguing category this year now that Uproxx Wrestling, which had won every other year, is no more.

Apparently the results got held up by Covid, but the full winners and losers are here:

Well done to you and everyone who contributes to the blog, and to Maffew as well of course. Love the site, keep up the good work.


MAFFEW WE COMING FOR YOU NI — um, nice guy.  Yeah.  
Very cool of anyone who voted for my silly little blog and thanks to Andy and Thomas and Princess and everyone else who puts in the hard work for the site!  Also thanks to Chris Bird for his years of doing the awards for everyone.