Hangman at the Jericruise

Hope all is well, Scott.

I believe I saw a headline not long ago saying that Jericho's cruise was back on, now set for this fall. Now, if I am remembering the last Jericruise correctly, that was when Hangman and Omega won the tag titles and Hangman was crowdsurfed away by the fans, drinking a beer and being solidified as a top fan favorite in AEW.

Now, I know that general booking sense would be to save the eventual title switch off of Omega and onto Hangman (or whoever comes next) for the main event of a PPV, but given Hangman's big moment on the last cruise, it got me thinking:

Say Hangman retains the title throughout the summer, including at All Out. He's riding high, still got his collection of belts, and is looking ahead to Full Gear as the next PPV – and then Hangman beats him for the title on the Dynamite from the cruise. Then the rematch could be set for Full Gear.

For me it's kinda got a Rocky I and II feel – Omega isn't taking Hangman seriously because of how their team fell apart, Hangman instead of just going the distance actually gets the title, then Omega DOES take him seriously for the rematch, but even facing Omega at his best, Hangman retains.

Am I crazy, or does this have legs?

Best wishes as always,


I think we all know that Hangman getting the belt is the long game here.  It also depends on when Kenny drops the other titles or if he manages to add more, too, I guess.  I don’t want to speculate further in storytelling because then HHH might get mad at the internet again, though.