Wrestlemania 50?

Hey Scott,


Jumping off the rumors of a possibly impending sale of WWE within the next few years, it got me thinking. Going by all we've learned about Vince McMahon over the years, I can't really fathom him selling and giving up control of his baby as long as he's alive. Over the years, whenever talks of a sale (to NBC, Disney or whoever else) cropped up, I've always had this little scenario in my head, where I could see Wrestlemania 50 being sort of the official “end” of WWE, in a “going out with a bang” kind of way.

By the time Wrestlemania 50 rolls around, Vince will be 86-87 (and probably still jacked) and Steph and Triple H will be in their late 50s-ealy 60s. By then, I could see it make sense to build up Wrestlemania 50 as this “one last giant show” as a goodbye. Do Wrestlemania 50, pull out all the stops, fill the biggest stadium in the U.S. one last time.and then the curtain call. Sell off all your assets, auction off your entire content library to the highest-bidding streaming service, close up shop and let others fill the vacuum afterwards. That way, Vince doesn't have to see someone else take over, and Steph and Triple H can ride off into the sunset and retire comfortably with their kids.

Would you consider such a scenario in any way feasible? How do you see the end of WWE happening? Or will it keep living on in some form.then, now.forever? What will happen to the wrestling landscape once WWE's gone? Will it split into “regional” indies again and rebuild from there?

Speaking of Steph and Triple H's kids: By Wrestlemania 50, Steph's and Shane's kid will all be in their mid-late 20s. Could you see them getting into the business at all (either on the corporate side or as a wrestler?) Could we get Steph's kids vs. Shane's kids in a six-person tag at Wrestlemania 50? 🙂 As we all know, the more McMahons are on the show, the better it is.for this business! 😉


Well this email certainly went some places.  Short answer, no I could not see anyone involved in WWE possibly doing anything outlined in the scenario above.