Monday Open Night Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Thomas and Scott have reviews up for last night’s In Your House: Takeover. It was a decent show if not special. I thought maybe Scott could’ve bumped up the Mercedes Martinez/Xia Li match because it was a good, hard-hitting affair.

It’s the go home RAW for Hell in the Cell PPV, which hasn’t really gotten a lot of traction. AEW has one of its streaming shows on.

Hawks-76ers and Jazz-LAC are the NBA games tonight. Vegas-Montreal is the NHL game. I think I’ll watch the DSoTR on the Dynamite Kid again for the upcoming review.

I caught the WWE Treasure Hunt show on Andre the Giant and once you get past some of the silly kayfabe stuff, like Sonny Onoo tricking the guys into trying to win an auction for Andre’s Giant Machine mask, there were some great photos, videos and stories about Andre from people that knew him outside the ring. Plus Mark Henry cries a lot and it’s pretty endearing. Even Stephanie looked like she got a little emotional when she was flipping through one of his old passports. It’s an enjoyable watch as long as you aren’t going into it looking to be offended by the stuff that’s a little storyline-ish.

Keep it Clean.