Head of the Match Quality

I think one thing that’s underrated in Romans arc as Head of the Table is not just the commanding work he’s done acting on screen but also in his choice of opponents.  Since his return he’s gone through Jey Uso, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Cesaro and soon enough – Rey Mysterio.  By picking his opponents he’s ensured himself a ***1/2 – ****1/2 match every time he steps in the ring. Besides lame stories, I think what’s hampered the other champions (looking at Seth Rollins) is being stuck with lame feuds with terrible workers (Corbin, Braun, Fiend, etc).  Is there something to be said to just keep mining the good workers in the company for Roman to go through? And assuming Rock is the endgame at WM next year – who do you cycle through to get him to him then after Cena?
I think you can still turn Seth Rollins babyface and get a couple of PPVs out of him  Move Drew over after the draft and do some matches with him as well, and that pretty much takes you to WM.