LPWA: The Super Ladies!

Well, Scott couldn’t get GLOW over and Mike Fitzgerald is holding out on reviewing the Super Ladies Showdown, so let me see what I can do with an episode of the LPWA. For the uninitiated, this was a Tor Berg promotion that very close links to the dying AWA and even got a bit of a free advert on a Clash of the Champions show one time. They tried to promote it far straighter than GLOW, as you’ll see from the talent featured. It’s a bit of a cult classic and there’s a sad lack of info out there on it, even episode listings, so today’s review features a bit of a random choice of episode.

From Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, it’s the SUPER LADIES OF WRESTLING!

On commentary, the fan’s man Joe Pedicino and “Gentleman” Jim Cornette, prior to Smoky Mountain kicking off, with Boni Blackstone doing interviews backstage.

Backstage interview where Boni speaks to Reggie Bennett, who to me had a strange career journey, going from a Californian female bodybuilder, then adding on a LOT of weight as she moved to wrestling in Japan, which she talks about here while rocking her strange American girl/construction worker look.

Superstar Susan Sexton vs. Reggie Bennett

Sexton was the original LPWA singles champion as an arrogant babyface/female Ric Flair character, but had gone fully heel by this point. Reggie comes out to Born in the USA, but thirty seconds in someone must’ve realised they need to overdub it and some totally different generic rock instrumental covers it and the rest of the soundtrack. Sexton was Bill Apter’s foul-mouthed roommate during the eighties, just in case you wonder why she featured so heavily in many of his magazines. Reggie takes a headlock on Sexton and almost pulls the strap of her leotard down to her amusement, but Sexton gets a shot to the gut, which is a fair target by this point. Corny starts as he means to go on by saying Reggie’s had more hands on her than a golf club. Reggie actually gets an interesting side roll pinfall attempt from a side suplex starting position, but Sexton rolls over for two. Reggie gets a powerslam (just about!) for two. Bennett goes for a charge and Sexton sends her over the top for the lame DQ. Pretty lame match overall, to be honest, although Sexton managing to smoothly get Reggie over for her offense was pretty impressive.

Promo from Bad, Black and Beautiful, which comprises the Bad Girl, Black Venus and male manager Boogaloo Brown, who at this point where involved in a heel/heel feud with the Queen’s Court (the Glamour Girls, managed by Queen Christopher Love [Bert Prentice]). They run down upcoming opponents the Beast and Alma Alvarez. Venus always reminds me of the Grace Jones “DO YOU FIND ME SEXY?!” impression from In Living Color.

Promo from Bambi against Magnificent Mimi. As shown in the Moolah Dark Side, Bambi still has the mullet.

Magnificent Mimi vs. La Gata

Let’s see how much we get of Rhythm Is Gonna Get You before the overdubber strikes again. I’m kinda shocked that Mimi didn’t get a shot with the WWF, because while her wrestling was totally secondary, she had a pretty sexy look, but I guess she made more doing films and stunt work. Here she’s got the cool Las Vegas showgirl outfit. La Gata (the Cat) is apparently a Mexican lady wrestler, but I’ll suggest the closest she’s come to Mexico is eating tacos. Joe and Jim push the LPWA Hotline, with Jim earlier encouraging fans to leave messages for the girls. Can you imagine what those messages consist of? This time, Jim makes Joe corpse by talking about how many things Mimi’s absent manager Johnathan Blue can get into while in Amsterdam. Pretty nice jackknife roll pinfall attempt from Mimi in reversing headscissors. They double clothesline one another, but Mimi gets back up and gets two slams for two. Couple of superkicks and a butterfly suplex finally gets the win for Mimi. Passable action, but Jim and Joe on commentary were great while trading innuendoes.

Promo from Team America No. 2. The story here is that the original Team America of Misty Blue and Heidi Lee Morgan broke up, so Heidi went heel and recruited new partner Comrade Orga, who while from the New Jersey area looks every bit the Russian shot-putter. Imagine Otis in drag.

The Glamour Girls vs. The Beast and Alma Alvarez

OK, so it’s these two facing the Beast and Alvarez. Bert Prentice is legitimately gay, but is playing it up here as the Queen with a tiara on. The Beast is a female biker who heel manager Ashley Kennedy hired to take the LPWA title away from Susan Sexton, but she failed and then revealed she’d never been paid as part of her face turn. She actually wrestled at MSG many years and pounds prior as Peggy Patterson. Alma is a legit Mexican wrestler. Leilani and Judy are the tag champs, having beaten the original Team America for the belts. Jim’s now going for xenophobia, with the stripe down Alma’s back on her singlet from where she crawled under the border, but gets distracted with paying for drinks on the air. The Glamour Girls struggle with outfighting the Beast. Beast, never a rocket scientist, tags in Alma, who immediately gets beaten down. She does get a monkey flip in return, though, then the double headlock/head scissors takedown, then tags Beast in with the advantage regained. Beast gets the 1991 equivalent of the FU on Judy, but again fucks up by bringing in Alma for more punishment. Alma gets a change reverse bodypress off the top, but Judy knees her in the back and Leilani finishes her with a Northern lights suplex. Decent match.

Ringside interview with the Queen’s Court, interrupted by Bad, Black and Beautiful. Love says Brown’s team will get a title shot “when we get the blood test results back”, prompting a ringside brawl, although you’ve got to get better officials than octogenarian Wally Karbo to break it up. Was Ray Stevens already in the bar? Actually, never mind…

Team America No. 1 vs. Candi Devine and Rusty “The Fox” Thomas

Misty has recruited Alison Royal as the replacement for Heidi. NYC girl Misty coming out to Southern rock seems incongruous. Rusty’s choice of singlet colour makes it look like she’s wrestling in the nude. Candi was a constant of ladies wrestling for a long time without any obvious talent beyond a massive perm and being taller than everyone else. She was also the lookout for when Randy Savage assaulted Bill Dundee in a gym car park. Jim disputes rumours of an affair with Candi because everyone knows he wouldn’t go out with one of the girls… The heels work over Royal, but Rusty almost loses her on a side suplex that Dino Bravo would shake his head at. She redeems herself with a better vertical suplex. Side headlock on the Mexican side, so she switches to the American side when she realises her error. Royal gets the tag and a pair of dropkicks to the ovaries. Rusty runs into Candi’s ass, knocking the latter out, and Misty finishes with an airplane spin and a splash (if you consider knees into the ribs on the landing a splash) off the top rope for the win. Again, perfectly fine despite the errors.

Boni’s Views, with Boni going through the mailbox. I bet some of the letters included DNA samples. Boni defends incompetent boob Wally Karbo, because someone’s got to.

The Louisville Slugger, with James E interviewing Lady X (Peggy Lee Leather under a mask) and her manager Ashley Kennedy, who as has been discussed before has DDP Syndrome (far taller than everyone she manages). Ashley holds the world championship belt while running down all the challengers. X just stares out the camera, totally out of the conversation.

The Hold of the Week with Brad Rheingans, with him talking us through the “step over bar arm” with the Glamour Girls demonstrating. Take a drink every time he says “offensive wrestler” and “defensive wrestler”. Not a bad little segment, although demonstrating holds seems a bit anti-kayfabe, but they cover it enough with selling as opposed to just walking through.

Bambi and Malia Hosaka vs. The Nasty Girls

Main event ANYWHERE in Laughlin, Nevada! Bambi we’ve covered, Malia is from the home of most Japanese wrestlers, Honolulu, and the Nasty Girls are Linda Dallas (who Corny once described as “all tits”) and the late Kat LeRoux. After Kat can’t get anything going Linda comes in with a nifty legsweep through a spinning heel kick from Malia. LeRoux comes back in with more confidence and a series of slams and suplexes, but Malia ducks through a double clothesline and takes them down with a double bodypress. Bambi tags in as they’re working rapidly, doubtless aware of being at the end of the show taping. Kat blocks Bambi’s bulldog with a clothesline, so Malia comes in with her own bulldog on Linda to allow Bambi to get the match-winning pin. Brief, but lots of fun.

Locker Room Report with Boni talking to Madusa Miceli, who had seriously overhauled her gimmick by ditching the makeup, long hair and showy outfits and going to Japan and entering serious training and coming back as the complete wrestler she was for the rest of her career. I liken her growth in confidence to Bret Hart’s. She talks about her hit list she’s given Wally Karbo and grosses out Boni by spitting out water for her own amusement.

Ringside, Joe and Jim recap the show and preview the show next week before signing off.

The Bottom Line: Perfectly fine show, showing you could do a show with ladies wrestling and not make it all scratching and hair-pulling cat fights with flesh on show. Just an episode, but very little wrong with it, which sometimes is all you can ask.