WWE Mainstream sucks..s

but the Network is top notch!

RAW/SD is boring, despite SD is the better brand. But what i love about WWE is their Network. Sure it could be way better, but NXT/NXT UK and the docs and the Indy shows on the Network are way better. I love missing the 'mainstream' and most of AEW Shows or matches. These gems on the Network and the Old School stuff plus WCW, Territories and ECW plus the former mentioned is what makes me stick my money up their stupid ass. I mean we can choose and watch what we want and if u don't like their main shows, kiss their ass Good Bye and enjoy the Network.
WWE doesn't seem to listen to fans, so leave them on their own policy and decide for yourself what you watch.

Too bad for the people in the US that lost access to most of it, though.