Daily News Update – 06.12.21

Apparently Skip the Dishes imploded yesterday because their website crashed and burned and not only did I lose my money, but I never got my food either.  And it’s still not back as I’m writing this, with no explanation from the company anywhere.  Not cool.

Also, I’m kind of disappointed that GLOW didn’t blow up the blog like I thought it would.  It did good, like WWF Superstars type of response, but it felt like it should have been a bigger deal because it hit a lot of sweet spots for the fanbase here (nostalgia, cheesy 80s nonsense, terrible wrestling).  Oh well, I’m definitely carrying on regardless.

Tony Khan responds to Paul Levesque’s comments about AEW


NXT wants Samoa Joe back


Roman v. Rey set for Hell in a Cell


Really?  The first match between them is already in a Cell?