Big Event questions

Hello again,

A couple questions about The Big Event:

1) I've seen it mentioned on the blog both that admission to the CNE also got you into the show and that buying a ticket to the show also served as the admission to the exhibition.  Which of the two was it?  The latter makes more sense to me, since that way
you could assign seating to the show, but if it was entirely general admission, the first would work, too.

2) It's also been discussed that it was a “sold show” and that they were expecting attendance in line with the usual Maple Leaf Gardens crowds.  Since the CNE was paying the WWF for the show, what would have been the fee?  Would it be negotiated on the assumption
of a full house, or based upon the expected MLG-size gate?  It would have to be greater than the latter, otherwise the WWF would have lost out big time when the place filled up.

Finally, not a question, but an observation: I liked how Gorilla always called it the “Canadian National Exhibition Stadium” in full.  That kind of formality is an underrated Gorilla-ism, but it also made sense since not being from Toronto, he wouldn't know
that the common shorthands were “CNE Stadium” or just “Exhibition Stadium.”  Or the “Mistake By the Lake.”  Take your pick.

1.  I believe it was the second one.  I can’t imagine general admission seating for 60,000 and plus it would be hard to keep track of attendance that way. 

2.  Pretty sure it would have been paid out on the high side of a standard Gardens show.  It’s good optics for the WWF and guaranteed money, plus helps the CNE draw a crowd.  Win win.