Alberto Del Stinko

Reading your new rants on Lucha Underground and it reminded me of Alberto Del Rio’s existence, which got me thinking…

In terms of the amount of times a wrestler was pushed compared to interest and money drawn, is it safe to say Alberto Del Rio is the worst World Champion ever?  Especially now that we have multiple accounts of him being a garbage human being, did he ever have any redeeming qualities besides having a personal ring announcer?  His best (?) attempt to get over on his own was stealing Daniel Bryan’s catchphrase.

He won multiple World Titles, Money in the Bank, and the Royal Rumble without ever having a memorable ****+ match (that I can recall anyway).  And while that’s not necessary to be a good champion, he also drew flies as champ – the worst pre-Network WWE PPV buy rate EVER coming with him on top (Vengeance ’11).

At least other guys you could probably put on the Mount Rushmore of bad champions (Jinder Mahal, Great Khali, JBL) only had the title once…  Del Rio was stinking up the main event scene for YEARS.  Is there anyone else who got pushed that much for that long without anything slightly resembling a return on the investment?

Big Show?  Bray Wyatt?