WWF Cologne, Germany October 10th, 1995

October 10, 1995

From the Sporthalle in Cologne, Germany

This is a fan-cam recording of the show thus no commentary.


Rad Radford vs. Henry Godwinn

Radford ducks outside and stalls as Godwinn holds up the slop bucket. The crowd counts along as Radford just beats the ten count back inside then the two finally lock up. Radford cheap shots Godwinn in the corner then Godwinn chases Radford out of the ring with the bucket. Radford returns and Godwinn tosses him then grabs a side headlock. Godwinn takes Radford over with a hip toss then whips Radford into the corner a few times before knocking him down with a punch to the face. Radford bails again and the crowd counts along then he returns and challenges Godwinn to a test-of-strength but cheap shots him and hammers away. Radford bites Godwinn on the forehead then rakes the eyes before choking him out with the middle rope. Radford works a chin lock on the mat that Godwinn escapes from but is able to hit a clothesline for two. Radford tries an elbow drop from the middle rope but Godwinn rolls out of the way then starts firing away. Godwinn skies Radford with a back drop but Radford comes back with an eye rake. However, Godwinn catches Radford with a big boot then hits the Slop Drop for the win (7:21) 1/2*. Godwinn celebrates up the aisle by holding up his slop bucket.

Thoughts: Nothing much to this match at all. It was like an early 80’s MSG opener with all stalling tactics. The crowd was into the countout spots but the outcome was never in question but nothing was exciting here.


Waylon Mercy vs. Bob “Spark Plug” Holly

Holly finally accepts Mercy’s handshake offer after a minute-and-a-half of both guys packing around. Mercy backs Holly into the corner and breaks clean. They lock up again and this time Mercy cheap shots Holly and chops away. He beats on Holly in the corner then drops him throat-first across the top rope. Mercy hits a reverse neckbreaker for two then a big boot gets another nearfall. Mercy hits a swinging neckbreaker for another two count then stares at the ref but ducks his head and Holly takes him over with a sunset flip for two. Mercy uses a mat slam on Holly and covers for two then lands more punches. Holly reverses an Irish whip and catches Mercy with a DDT as both men are down. Holly is up first and fires away. He gets two with a back elbow smash. Dropkick gets two. Holly lands mounted punches in the corner as Mercy drops then Holly covers for another two count. Holly then charges but misses and Mercy catches him off the rebound in the sleeper and gets the win (8:33) *. Holly plays to the crowd after Mercy leaves the ring and gets a luekwarm reaction.

Thoughts: A little bit more action here than in the opener although it was more like an extended squash match. And you can really see how much Mercy is struggling to move. Holly has been losing to everyone on TV at this point, including Skip, so you know he is not part of any future plans. While Mercy would be gone from the company in a few days.


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Aldo Montoya

Both men trade hammerlocks to start. The crowd boos Lafitte as he grabs the ropes to break the hold. Lafitte takes down Montoya then taunts the crowd before hammering away. Montoya floats over in the corner and that leads to a reversal sequence ending with Montoya hitting an enziguiri. Montoya then uses a tilt-a-whirl headscissors for a two count but tries it again and gets dumped throat-first on the top rope. Lafitte taunts the crowd once again before going back to roughing up Montoya. Lafitte works a chin lock on the mat then catches Montoya with a knee smash. Montoya rolls outside and Lafitte takes him down with a baseball slide. He tries another slide but Montoya sidesteps him and hammers away. Montoya then goes back into the ring and flies out with a pescado. Back inside, Montoya hits a crossbody but after that walks into a clothesline and Lafitte covers for two. Lafitte whips Montoya into the corner and follows with a splash then goes back to taunting the crowd. Flying leg drop gets two for Lafitte and he corners the ref and yells thinking it was a slow count. The crowd is behind Montoya as he fights back but Lafitte stops that with a thumb to the eye. Lafitte grounds Montoya with a chin lock once again and even tries to use his feet on the ropes for leverage as that pisses off the crowd. Montoya escapes and flips around to hit Lafitte with a backbreaker. Montoya then avoids a corner splash and starts to run wild. He heads up top and gets a two count with a flying body press but soon after that is caught with a back suplex for two. Montoya falls on top of Lafitte after the latter attempted a pumphandle slam and that gets two then Montoya tries a sunset flip but Lafitte blocks it and gets the win (10:45) **1/4.

Thoughts: Solid house show action here and Lafitte’s heel antics worked on the crowd but man was this finish lame. Anyway, another match where the outcome was never in doubt but so far easily the best match on the show.


Sid w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bigelow goes outside to yell at DiBiase then heads back into the ring to lockup with Sid. The ref separates both guys after they end up in the corner then they do the same thing again but this time Sid lands a cheap shot. Sid continues to hammer away then the camera loses focus and comes back to see that Sid is still hammering away. Sid now stomps Bigelow until Bigelow comes back with an enziguiri. Bigelow then slams Sid but misses a falling headbutt as Sid slams Bigelow off the mat a few times. Sid takes Bigelow down with a big boot but Bigelow comes back with a mat slam as both men are down. Sid takes Bigelow outside and distracts the ref so DiBiase can land some stomps. Back inside, Sid tries a back suplex but Bigelow falls on top. Both men then do a double clothesline spot but Bgielow misses a falling headbutt then Sid hits a leg drop for a two count. Sid applies a chin lock then does a hip attack on Bigelow’s back before applying it again. The crowd is really behind Bigelow here as he powers out and hits an electric chair drop. Bigelow goes up top now but DiBiase shoves him off in front of the ref and the bell rings for the DQ (10:47) 3/4*. DiBiase & Sid stomp Bigelow after the bell then Sid starts kicking Bigelow in the ribs and tries for the powerbomb but Bigelow counters with a back drop then threatens DiBiase, who bails. Bigelow plays to the crowd after the match ends.

Thoughts: The action was lousy but the crowd sure did love Bigelow. Shocked to see Bigelow protected here but it also speaks volumes of where Sid is at currently since he could not go over clean against a guy currently on a rapid descent down the midcard.


Owen Hart w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Fatu

This crowd does not care much about Fatu during his entrance. The crowd chants for Bret here. Owen taunts the crowd with the Japanese flag while Fatu takes a Bret Hart inspired Canadian flag from a fan and waves that around. More chants for Bret here but unfortunately for them, Bret is not part of this tour. The crowd now chants for Fatu, who is in his Headshrinkers tights. Both men trade arm wringers to start. Fatu takes control of the arm and drops Owen with a punch. Owen stalls and ducks out to Fuji then applies a side headlock and keeps it on as the crowd boos. Fatu blocks a hip toss then no-sells a slap across the face and stares at Owen and they talk before Fatu slaps him back. Owen thumbs Fatu in the eye and tries a few turnbuckle smashes that have zero effect. Fatu dances and punches away then after playing to the crowd hits a headbutt to the groin. Fatu misses a corner charge and rams his shoulder into the post then Owen turns him inside out with a clothesline. Owen stomps away after a flying elbow drop as the crowd gets behind Fatu. Owen takes Fatu outside and roughs him up before taking him back into the ring where he stomps away. Owen catches Fatu with a knee smash to the gut for a two count then tries a suplex but Fatu counters with one of his own as both men are down. Owen takes Fatu down with an enziguiri and gets a two count then hits a shoulder thrust in the corner. Owen tries another attack in the corner but this time Fatu moves away. Fatu hits Owen with a reverse atomic drop then Fatu pops up after Owen hits him with a DDT and takes him down with a kick. Fatu dances then hits a flying fist drop for a two count. The crowd boos then we see its due to Yokozuna heading down the aisle. Fatu stares at Yokozuna while Owen is down on the mat but that allows Owen time to sneak up from behind and roll up Fatu for the win (12:34) *1/2. After the match, Fatu gets revenge by hitting Owen with a thrust kick.

Thoughts: They had the crowd at points and some of it was entertaining but they seemed to lose the crowd by the end and the finish was not particularly inspiring. Fatu at least got the crowd behind him during the match after they were cold to him during his entrance. Maybe Germany had not been privy to his new character.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Razor Ramon 

This crowd loves Razor. This starts with Razor and Helmsley taunting each other then Helmsley takes Razor down with an arm drag. Helmsley uses another arm drag after the two trade go-behinds then he uses a drop toe hold afterwards. Razor drops Helmsley with a right hand then catches him with a fallaway slam before clotheslining him over the top rope. Helmsley takes his time on the outside before returning then has Razor work over his arm. Razor keeps yanking Helmsley’s arm before applying an arm bar. Helmsley escapes with a punch then follows up with a few European uppercuts. Razor catches Helmsley with a knee lift then charges but gets backdropped over the top rope. Helmsley heads out and beats on Razor then even grabs a chair until the referee runs out to stop him from using it so Helmsley instead takes Razor down with a flying clothesline. Helmsley heads back into the ring and takes a bow then tells the crowd to be quiet as they chant for Razor. We see Razor beat the ten count then Helmsley stomps away. Helmsley targets the back and puts Razor in a surfboard. Razor escapes and reverses the hold but Helmsley reaches the ropes. Helmsley whips Razor into the corner then hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Helmsley stomps away then the two fight over a backslide until Helmsley flips over and hits Razor with a reverse neckbreaker for a two count. Razor ducks a punch and chokeslams Helmsley as both men are down. They get up and collide as both men are once again down on the mat. Helmsley covers for two but after that Razor gets up and fires away. Razor clotheslines Helmsley for a nearfall then hits a super back suplex. Helmsley rolls out and Razor follows and they fight until Razor rolls back in and gets the win (14:34) ***1/4. After the match, Helmsley and Razor shove each other then Helmsley cheap shots Razor and attacks but after that gets caught in the Razor’s Edge to the delight of the crowd. Razor celebrates at the end.

Thoughts: Good match and clear cut choice for best of the night. It was just about all action and this finish seemed designed to protect Helmsley, who is still being pushed as undefeated on TV. Also helped that the crowd loved Razor but both guys had their working boots on here.


WWF World Title Match: Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Diesel (c)

We get a shoving match after some stalling then Diesel fires away. Diesel drops Yokozuna with a clothesline then sends him outside with a big boot. Yokozuna takes a breather and talks with Fuji as the ref counts then stops to talk to Diesel. Ref counts again then randomly stops to talk to Diesel as Yokozuna is now on the apron. The ref speaks with Yokozuna, still on the apron as Diesel asks him to come inside. Yokozuna finally re-enters after well over a minute then retreats to the corner and yells at the fans. Yokozuna continues to stall in the corner and finally comes out to challenge Diesel to a test-of-strength but Diesel raises his hand as high as he can so Yokozuna cannot reach. The crowd chants for Diesel then the two lockup and end in the corner where Yokozuna tries a cheap shot and gets attacked. Yokozuna catches Diesel with a Samoan drop then chokes him out with his foot. Yokozuna lands some stomps that look extremely weak and distracts the ref so Fuji can choke out Diesel with the flag post. Diesel fights back but tries a slam and fails then gets dropped with a headbutt. Yokozuna now works a nerve hold until Diesel eventually fights out. Yokozuna drops Diesel with a back elbow smash but misses an elbow drop as both men are down. Diesel hits a flying clothesline but Yokozuna comes back with a clothesline of his own. Yokozuna then hits a leg drop and taunts the crowd before trying the Bonzai Drop but misses then Diesel rolls him up for the win (10:28) 1/4*. After the match Owen runs in but Diesel Jackknifes him.

Thoughts: Incredibly poor for a World Title match and another example of needing to include all sorts of rest spots to cover up Yokozuna’s poor physical conditioning. These guys barely did anything here but at least it sent the crowd home happy.


Final Thoughts: One good match, another okay match, but the rest was all forgettable so really it was a mediocre house show in front of a hotter crowd than you would find in the United States at least. Dean Douglas was on this tour and did not wrestle on this show stating he was hurt and the rest of the guys took offense to this as they were mostly all wrestling hurt at the time and it was the beginning of the end of his demise in the company.