The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 06.08.21

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 06.08.21

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli, Tim Storm & Velvet Sky.

BUT FIRST!  William Patrick “Billy” Corgan and MICKIE JAMES are here to announce that the NWA is doing a pair of PPVs in August, with an all-women’s show on the 28th, executive produced by Mickie James, and then an NWA 73rd anniversary show (named after the length of Nick Aldis’ title reign) at the St. Louis Chase Ballroom on the 29th.  Well they’ve got a couple of months to find a lot more women for that show.  Obviously we knew Mickie was ending up here one way or another.

Kamille joins Joe to start after winning the Women’s title at the PPV, and she wants to be part of the main event tonight so she can take her place with the greats.  This brings out Thom Latimer and Joe gets in Latimer’s face because Thom’s a piece of crap who cost Trevor Murdoch the World title, and Kamille actually earned her title.  So this brings out Aldis and Chris Adonis, and Nick is rocking the tuxedo to celebrate “retaining” his title.  Galli is talking MORE s--- to Aldis and calls him despicable, even as Aldis is threatening to put him in the hospital.  Glad to see an announcer with some balls for once.  Joe wants to press the issue, so Tim Storm comes out and talks him down because he’s awesome, so Joe calms down, congratulates Kamille again, and leaves it to Storm to finish the interview.  Onto the upcoming National title tournament, and Tim stirs up s--- on his own by pointing out that it’s basically Aldis’s fault that Adonis had to vacate the National title in the first place.  Aldis deflects all the blame onto Corgan for conspiring against them, and Storm announces that Latimer and Adonis are in a match against each other in the tournament.  But they’re not concerned, no matter how Storm tries to stir it up.  I don’t know if it’s going in that direction, but it was such a clearly dick move on the part of Latimer and the Strictly Business crew to completely hijack Kamille’s interview segment and make it all about them.  Anyway, this was a GREAT opening segment, with an awesome performance by Galli as he seemed like a real human being in his reactions instead of an automaton like most interviewers.

Serena Deeb chats with May Valentine about losing the title to Kamille, although there was a bit of a flub in that she was talking about how “tonight wasn’t her night”, thus giving away that it was taped at the PPV.  Not a big deal but it was a bit of a continuity issue.  I’m assuming they taped these episodes at the same time as the PPV to save money.

NWA TV title:  The Pope v. Luke Hawx

Hawx has been an indie guy for a long time and did one tryout with Powerrr as a part of that Circle Squared deal they did a couple of years ago before the world went to hell.  Pope works the arm to start and SWEEPS THE LEG, then hits Hawx with a shoulderblock for one.  Blind charge misses and Hawx comes back with a powerslam for two and a vertical suplex for two.  Spinkick gets two.  Luke chops him in the corner, but Pope slugs back and gets a sunset flip for one.  Hawx goes to a surfboard and dropkicks him down for two.  Pope fights back again with a DDT and both guys are down, but Pope makes the comeback with the Elijah Express for the pin to retain at 5:20.  This was some fine pro wrestling.  1 for 1.

Kyle Davis is shilling merch for the NWA, and the mysterious masked man from the PPV interrupts, but won’t tell us who he is.  “We don’t know you!” yells someone in the audience.  So the guy says Billy Corgan is the only one who knows his identity and why he’s here, but he’s got no respect for anyone in the back.  OK, I’m intrigued, because this is obviously someone notable and I want to know who it is, so I’ll give them that.

Taryn Terrell v. Lady Frost

Frost quickly takes over with a flipping neckbreaker and Terrell bails and goes to the desk to cut a promo about how Frost is really cute but she’s not really in the mood to wrestle tonight, so YOU’RE WELCOME for the opportunity.  Back in, Taryn offers a handshake, but Frost shoves her away and Taryn rolls her up for the pin at 2:08. As promised in the PPV rant, this gets an automatic point for Taryn’s outfit.  Look, that’s just how the system works, I don’t make the rules and I can’t just break them!  2 for 2.

Austin Idol and Tyrus  join Kyle Davis and Kyle is like “Oh, this is an unscheduled interview gentlemen” and Austin quips “You were born unscheduled” and the whole crowd is like “OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” to that one.  So then Idol says it AGAIN because he’s so proud of his sick burn!  Anyway, Idol puts over Tyrus and his new heart punch finisher, while pointing out that Pope has been beating NOBODIES.  A bunch of jabronies.  But now his run of defending the title is over because one shot from the heart punch and you’re out.  This brings out someone who is apparently named BLKJeez and has a graphic saying so, promising to make money for them.  That was an awkward finish but I have to give it a BONUS POINT for Austin Idol’s deadly wordplay.  What can I say, I make the rules and I can break them!  3 for 2.

Trevor Murdoch chats with May about getting screwed out of the World title, and he’s pretty damn depressed about it and doesn’t know if he wants to continue on anymore.

The End (Parrow & Odinson) v. La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf)

Velvet helpfully goes “ding ding ding” when the ref takes a long time ringing the bell, which is pretty adorable.  Everyone criticizing her on commentary can kindly direct their hatred elsewhere.  Odinson drops Parrow onto Mecha Wolf with a death valley driver, which is pretty ouchy.  The End works Wolf over in the corner and Odinson gets an uppercut for two, but Bestia quickly gets a hot tag and flies all over the place, and then suplexes Odinson into the corner.  Wolf with a corner splash and Bestia gets a double knee and then a missile dropkick from Wolf gets two.  Parrow saves and puts the boots to Wolf, and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA, so the ref throws out the match at 4:20.  This had some fun stuff but that was a weak sauce finish.  But we’ve got a bonus point banked anyway.  3 for 3.  The End decides to keep going and hits the lucha guys with a Supercollider, and then goes over to the desk and threatens my TV best friend, Tim Storm!  OH NO YOU DIDN’T!

Kamille joins us for the main event segment, as she is coronated as Women’s champion and Nick Aldis bestows flowers on her, but Melina quickly interrupts and THROWS HER SHOE at Kamille.  “You know it’s trouble when a woman throws her shoes” notes Tim Storm sagely.  But then Jennacide comes in and tackles Melina, apparently trying to join Team Kamille.  And that’s the whole segment apparently.  Well OK then.

It doesn’t read like there’s much to this one, but I really enjoyed this show and it had a lot of fun, goofy stuff going on, especially just simple tricks like presenting a masked guy and giving the audience a mystery to work out on their own.