Down they go

So I get AEW's rating two weeks ago being in the crapper due to a new day, new time, holiday weekend, and NBA playoffs. But what do you think was the reason for the even further drop this past week? They had no holiday weekend to deal with, so why did even less people watch? I get they had freaking Dustin Rhodes in the main event but shouldn't the show after a PPV have some excitement to pop a rating? And do you really think they just go back to where they were before this nightmare?

Also you mentioned not knowing about about NXT takeover this weekend due to poor promotion. What's the best way to get the word out to people who don't watch NXT or any other WWE show weekly, or I guess don't follow any of their social media?

My Twitter, YouTube  and Facebook feeds are inundated with wrestling stuff all the time and I literally log onto the WWE Network every day. Nobody is talking about this Takeover.  WWE included.